5 Things Students Should Keep in Mind to Perform Well in Exams

5 Things Students Should Keep in Mind to Perform Well in Exams

5 Things Students Should Keep in Mind to Perform Well in Exams

The competitive nature of exams like CS and CA is well-known, but equally well-known is the overly competitive and stressful nature of the education system.

The percentage of students clearing highly competitive exams like CA is as low as 3% to 8%, which instantly increases the pressure to crack the exam in one go.

As an aspiring student, you might feel that your whole life revolves around exams, but if your preparation isn’t right with the right strategies formulated, your efforts might turn futile causing the loss of your mental and physical strength. Here is a compilation of 5 simple yet highly effective tips to consider for improving your performance in exams.

1) Make the most of your study time

Getting organized is a preliminary yet the most crucial step. This starts with preparing a systematic schedule and allotting specific deadlines for a particular subject, followed by a revision planner to cover up the areas that need a thorough review. Don’t panic, stay motivated, and continue to bury your head in a stack of books but remember to give yourself a break after every one hour.

2) Smart work rather than hard work

The person who often believes in hard-work will try to solve as many questions as possible. They believe that their scores will rely on the number of hours they’ve put into preparing for the exams.

Whereas, a student who’s systematically organized and believes in smart work will invest a limited amount of time but will work as per the schedule. Competitive exams develop immense pressure and therefore, students who do smart work will always have an edge.

Smart work is not about taking shortcuts but it is about doing optimum work enough to achieve the desired result.

3) Make a quick review

Structure your study plan in a way so that you have adequate time left for revision. It is also important to skim through everything without skipping any part. Build in time to review important concepts, test yourself, talk your way through different ideas, and glimpse through everything you do not know.

This way you’ll feel more confident while appearing for the exam. Also, ensure setting aside some time for study breaks, exercising, socializing and most importantly, sleeping. Try to stay focused and refrain from carrying items over to the next to complete that’s left untouched. This might leave you in a panicky situation.

4) Deal with your stress

Don’t let your exams and studies overwhelm you. There are lots of easy and swift ways to turn anxiety into action. Sometimes, exercising during your stressful times might seem like the last thing you’d like to do. However, we guarantee this will help you in feeling better and you could have a little better energy to study more than before.

Eating right and sleeping adequately is the most crucial step for your mental health if you want to avoid feeling dizzy and drowsy during your exams. Besides this, a lot of your friends will be sailing in the same boat as you, so they are likely to be talking about their stress as well which might have a negative impact on you. To avoid this, try to stay away from social media which is also the worst type of procrastination ever.

5) Get plenty of sleep

Right before and during exams, make sure you maintain a regular sleeping pattern and always aim for a 7 hour sleep so that you are fresh and energetic throughout the day. If not, your mind will not be in the right state to take the exam. Getting adequate amount of sleep is necessary to improve your memory and focus.

And last but not the last, staying motivated boosts your confidence and that is undeniably the key to success in any examination.Specific tough exams such as CA exam involve immense stress inducing situations which should be tackled by primarily staying positive and motivating yourself. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting that you’ve prepared enough, being confident and focused that you can recall everything you’ve skimmed through and yet being present in the moment.

Be well prepared

With so many exams and so much to learn, you may feel like you lack control of the situation; but follow these tips to increase the chances of success in competitive exams like Chartered Accountancy.

Got any other tip that helps you perform well in these exams? Do share it with us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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