5 link building strategies your competitors are using

5 link building strategies your competitors are using

5 link building strategies your competitors are using

The global economy has evolved at a rapid pace in the past 2 decades.

Why do you think this has happened? Why are start-up flourishing at an expeditious rate?

Simultaneously, why multinationals are breaking all financial record in every subsequent financial year?

The sole reason for this aspect is the incorporation of the internet into business operations. The internet has made the complicated procedure of manufacture, sale, and purchases very straightforward. A wide range of products is now available on various digital platforms at multiple price ranges.

The consumer is spoilt for choices. Consequently, the competition in the market has also escalated to a whole new level. Be it any sector or demographic, the level of competition is so intense that the global economy has legitimately become a game of survival.

Survival of the fittest. That is the law of the jungle, which can now be applied to the current economic scenario.

How can a Business Organization capture the market?

Content Marketing LifeCycle

Perhaps the most fundamental of questions, which every start-up director is asking themselves. Well, the most obvious answer to this question is to improve and build an impressive presence on various online platforms.

Since everything is initiated on a digital level now. It only makes sense that companies also function both on an online as well as an offline scale. The internet has broken geographical restrictions when it comes to the physical distance between a supplier and the final target audience.

Thus, entrepreneurs must capitalize on this factor alone as it is sure to boost their sales and hike up profits in the long run. Establishing a strong online presence and guiding heavy traffic on your website will surely take your business to the stratosphere of success.

This is precisely where the role of Search Engine Optimization and Link Building comes into play.

Ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages [SERP] will automatically result in higher revenue as the rate of conversion of a potential client to a prospective client increases significantly.

Link building is a critical strategy and an essential element of SEO. Whether you take care of the search engine optimization for your company or appoint any third party for that purpose, it is to be noted that link building helps to boost online traffic for a business website in the long run. The process acts as a catalyst of grown and development for a concerned business entity. Thus must be handled and nurtured with care and precision.

However, it is also critical to understand that your industry competitors are also indulging in the same process in order to gain competitive advantage within the particular market segment. Hence, tracking the operations of your industry rival also becomes equally important.

Following are the five link building strategies which your direct industry rivals are possibly using:

1. Getting Loyal Customers and Business Associates to do the linking

Linkbuilding example

Let me give you a simple example of link building in a physical form. Let us consider that you have a loyal audience base, and in order to promote your brand, you ask your customers to flaunt your company shirt. Other people with automatically get influenced by the shirt, and the chances for them to visit your website also increases.

This is precisely what link building looks to achieve through customers and business partners. List your company badge or logo on a partner's website which attracts the attention of the general folk. Google has mastered this art of link building as you can always feel its presence on AdWords. An effective strategy which your industry rivals are surely adopting to increase online traffic.

You can get some more knowledge here: Growing And Sculpting Your Link Portfolio

2. Formulate a Blog Page

Words hold a lot of power in the digital world. What your customers continually seek is fresh content which should not only be exciting to read but also is backed up with relevant information and knowledge.

Formulating a blog page and continue posting on the platform opens up a new portal for the concerned business organization. Communication between the final customers becomes considerably easier as people visiting your blog page can leave comments and reviews which can help you to understand the taste and preference of your clients.

3. Creation of Fresh and Viral Content

Fresh content which is appealing to customers is to be posted on your website or consequent blog site. Use of humor to attract the attention of the audience is an effective strategy of link building which most of the firms adopt. Link Baiting is another term which induces clients to clink on a link, indirectly increasing online traffic of a concerned website.

However, what trumps all factors is, in fact, the quality of the final content. If your content educates you website visitor and imparts knowledge about a relevant topic, then instant goodwill is created which in the long run will elevate your site rank on search engine platforms.

4. Attract the Attention of Media

Link building strategy

Sometimes it helps to be in the headlines. If you have the attention of the media, then it automatically gains the attention of the target audience. Try launching a new product for instance or launching a campaign where you give away products or services for free.

This will surely keep you in the news and build a favorable image of your brand in due time.

5. Matching the Content on your Website to your Blog Page

It is essential to know about your product and services, and this should directly reflect upon your blogs. Even if you wish to post content on a guest platform, be smart enough to choose websites which replicate your content.

This will narrow down your target audience and shift the focus on the people who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

So there you have it. All the essential strategies which your competitor is most likely to follow when it comes to the aspect and the application of link building.

In order to capture a sizable share of the market, it is critical that you understand these strategies and play the survival game more efficiently.

What are you waiting for? Contact a well-renowned SEO agency today and learning everything you need to know about link building.

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Aella Jhons
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