Website Speed

Website Speed

Speed Up or Get Lost – That’s the Reality Online

If you want to succeed online, you’ve got to be quick. Quick to get online and even quicker once there.

Slowly loading websites are severely punished by search engines and users alike. It can hardly be otherwise, really, as waiting for a page to render is extremely annoying.

The statistics found in the masterful infographic below, created by the web hosting masters over at HostingTribunal, confirm as much.

Without spoiling it much, I’ll divulge that slow browsing experience if the chief reason for shopping cart abandonment. More than half of the users in the US reported that they leave online stores that are not quick enough.

Not only they never return, but they are also very likely to talk to friends and family about this negative experience. In other words, the missed revenue has the potential to grow exponentially with each second your site takes to load.

Each second, indeed, as a research done by Amazon showed that if its website was 60 seconds slower, the annual loss of revenue would amount to $1.6 billion.

Do you begin to understand exactly how truthful the saying “Time is money” is?

To grasp fully the implications website speed has, check out the infographic below.

Internet Website speed

Posted by Alex Slichnyi

Alex Slichnyi
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