6 SEO tricks to rank higher on Google in 2018

6 SEO tricks to rank higher on Google in 2018

2018 is an interesting year, and if you have a website, there is so much you can make with it.

All you need to do is to learn effective ways of ranking high on Google in 2018. In this article, you will learn effective web hosting guide. Below are top 6 tested and trusted SEO tricks that will reliably enable you to rank high this year:

Crawl able, accessible URLs

You need to publish contents that will motivate Googlebot’s spiders to come to your website, and understand the contents there. They will read it through their text readable format to understand your visuals, images, videos and embeds. If you produce crawl able, accessible URLs, it will inspire them to put it in their web index. Without these SEO trick, Google will not rank you high in 2018.

Publish compelling title tags and Meta descriptions

Yes, it is important to know that Google derives pleasure in using Meta description quite often. So, it is exceedingly important you publish compelling title tags and Meta descriptions, so that Google can be able to rank them.

How Google displays your result will motivate or de-motivate people to either click on your URL or someone else’s. Thus, to be on a safer side, you need to use the right keywords and phrases that people are searching for; this will make Google to optimize your website as fast as possible.

Optimize for page speed

Right now, Google cares so much about HTTPS. It is also important to note that since 2016 till date, it has been a big focus for Google, and may surely continue from now onwards. Users needs to get value from your website- if they are not getting enough value from it, it could discourage them from visiting it in the first place and your page should be optimized to guarantee speed.

Focus on YouTube SEO

According to Forbes, YouTube is a popular search engine you should use to your advantage. It ranks high than most videos. YouTube has over 3 billion searches per month, surpassing AOL, Yahoo and Bing combined.

If you want to generate huge traffic and be on the first page of Google in 2018, then focus on YouTube SEO. As a business owner and marketer, you need to adapt quickly to this so that you can have an edge over your competitors.

Find the right keywords

Keyword research is one great tactics that is relevant any time, any day. If you want to be successful in content marketing, on-page SEO, and link building, then finding the right keywords is a necessary condition. Keep in mind that keywords determine the visibility of your site as well as your niche’s relevance in particular search terms.

If you are engaged in any search engine optimization activity but don’t have any specific keywords in mind, then you are wasting so much time, and this is the best time to do something about it. To get started right now, you need a valid Google account. Find the right keywords and use them appropriately. It is only then that you will surely rank high in Google in 2018.

Track your Data

If you don’t track the right data, you will have difficulty in learning about your search engine optimization efforts. To succeed, you need to learn the best way to measure results.

To be on a safer side, it is important you track your back link profile as well as monitor other performance indicators like search rankings, click-through rates, and traffic. It is only when you have done these that you can say that you are accurately tracking your data.

Other helpful SEO tools that can help you to track your data include Google analytics, Moz pro, Google search console, SEO analyzer etc.


2018 is not going to be a year that you will see SEO tips and tricks and ignore them; instead this is a year that you should do things that will guarantee higher rankings for your website. The tricks laid out above have come to stay. Although they take time and energy to implement, but you will surely enjoy your website if you abide by the instructions above.

Good luck!

Posted by Bill Brown

Bill Brown

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