Facebook Retargeting: List of Audiences You Need To Target To Get More Sales

Facebook Retargeting: List of Audiences You Need To Target To Get More Sales

Among the hundreds of places out there where you can target your audience, including paid ads ‒ why do you have to focus your efforts on Facebook?

There’s no doubt about it; Facebook remains largely as a powerful platform that every marketer need to direct their efforts on.

Why Retarget?

There are many factors determine whether or not Facebook advertising campaigns succeed or fail. One crucial aspect is retargeting. Facebook retargeting have a proven track record of generating better ad results. It's fantastic in boosting ROI since successful ad campaigns on Facebook pretty much revolves around a relevance score. This particular metric is often scored between 1-10, giving most marketers an idea of how an ad is relevant to their target audience.

Retargeting ads gives you a better chance of getting a high-relevance score. It's all about targeting people who are already aware of your brand and re-engaging them based on the on-site actions they make. As a result, there's lesser money spent, and there are more gains in profit.

In this article, we'll talk about the list of audiences that you need to target to land more sales:

Facebook Retargeting Audience #1: People Who Engage with Your Facebook Page

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

This one's a no-brainer ‒ you need to retarget people who are actively engaging with your posts, and interacting in one way or another in your page. These are people who are messaging you, clicking your CTAs, or sharing your content.

So, if you want to get more engagement on a particular ad, these individuals are an excellent target audience. After all, you already know they're actively engaging with your brand.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #2: People Who Have Interacted or Participated in Your Facebook Events

For example, you're organizing a free event, and you want to persuade people to buy some of the paid services and programs that you offer. It would be a great time to retarget those who clicked "interested" or "attending" in your event. Or let's say you're running an event and you want to entice people to go, tell them something that genuinely interests them.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #3: People Who Have Interacted With Your Ad Leads Form

Your Facebook ad leads form are ads that once people click on them, it opens up a form requesting people to opt-in.

Ideally, you have different options. You can choose to target those who opened the form and submitted it (more likely, these people are on your email list and are your leads) or you can also target those that opened it but didn't submit. Then, you can run ads with a reminder for them to opt-in.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #4: People on Your Email List

Once you upload a list that of all the people who opted in (either your customer database or a file of your email list), Facebook will match the details that were on the list to the users on the social media platform. They'll also come up with a custom audience of these users.

More often than not, the audience here is generally warmer. It’s because people like you and your brand enough to subscribe in the first place. That's why if you want to advertise your products to anyone, the people on your email list are your best bet.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #5: Your Blog Readers

Your blog readers are people who usually stumbled across your site using search engines, referrals, newsletters, paid ads, and other channels. However, most readers will soon forget about your site and will eventually move on to the next one.

Therefore, remarketing to this particular audience type helps regain their attention, and potentially turning them into returning readers. One of the best ways to ignite these cold leads is by sharing free, quality content that's highly engaging. For example, in your blog articles, you can try using Facebook boosted posts. Also, think about the best time to post on Facebook to get exceptional results.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #6: Past Contacts/Purchasers

For some, getting customers to buy more may backfire in the long run. However, according to a study, from the overall gross revenue of U.S. online retailers, half of it comes from repeat customers. Without a doubt, there's a potential gold mine from past customers.

So, it's time to get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about the different upselling opportunities that lie in remarketing campaigns. The easiest way you can do it is to create a custom audience made up of your past converters and target your thank-you page URL.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #7: Free Trial Users

Fb Premium Users

More often than not, if your business is in the software industry, the leads that you get aren't paying users. On the upside, the benefit of having free users is that they're already familiar with your product. Once you offer a valuable update with more advanced options, they're more likely to pay for your product. So, even during the trial period, actively engage your customers, and let them know about the most significant benefits of your product.

Facebook Retargeting Audience #8: People Who Who Almost Completed Their Purchase

These people often add products to your online store's shopping cart, then halfway through, they change their minds. To make this particular group return to your website and complete their purchase, create a custom Facebook audience and start a retargeting campaign. Use emotional triggers such as discounts, deals, and limited time offers.

In Summary

Every year, marketers spend a lot of money to get people on their websites. However, only a small percentage make an actual purchase. By using Facebook custom audiences, it's easier for you to retarget your site visitors. Hopefully, these eight Facebook retargeting tactics will turn cold leads and past visitors into the most loyal customers in the long run.

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Alisa Walker

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