5 Detailed Pointers on How to Enhance your Website in 2020

5 Detailed Pointers on How to Enhance your Website in 2020

Your website always needs to look new and modern. User-friendly and HOT.

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, it's your responsibility to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest web designs, trends and applying development changes to create that striking fresh look on your website. Enhancing your website can positively impact your brand.
Although there are elements that will always be classic, we have to follow with quick steps the tech evolving tremendously in the web designing.

5 Easy Tips to Enhance your Website in 2020

Material Design

This Website Design involves using color, texture, and shadows that can mimic the physical appearance. It is a design language that was introduced in the year 2014 by Google, and they also use the icons for their software suite. It also applies to the shadowed calendar and Gmail envelope. A proof of the design going to 2020, and we still expect a lot more.

SSL Certificates

Web security is one of the most important part of website and you need cheap SSL certificate to secure your website. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) should be installed on your website to serve two primary purposes:

  • Website Authentication Identity: Today, there are many websites, and users need to recognize the bogus types. Adding identity to your website gives your user confidence that they are safe being on your site.
  • Data Encryption; It assures your user privacy during a conversation that may erupt between a website and visitors. The encoding prevents those unauthorized from accessing the data.

Mobile Thumb-Friendly

When you integrate your website with mobile apps, the responsiveness of your website will be super-fast. It is because the number of people using smartphone mobiles today is outrageous. If you look carefully at how you hold your phone, you will realize that you operate using your thumb. Mobile app developers put most of the navigation bar menu in a place where your thumb can reach easily to improve your user experience.

Play with Color

Color is known to play a psychological impact on human behavior and feelings. Marketers have used this to help them sell more, and has proved to work as it evokes the user's moods and works like a charm. Using color mindfully continues to be a big thing in 2020, although it has been there for centuries.

Smart Landing Page

A landing page is the first thing you will see when you open a website. It plays a significant role and gives a substantial impact on the visitor. Gone are the days when you just built a website; in 2020, competition is stiff; you need to enhance your site with a smart landing page with the help of a website design company or learn to do it yourself. Its accomplice of various essential elements such as;

  • Visual Image: Graphic images may provide a varied emotional response. It's only prudent for you to test them first.
  • Headlines: It is what captures a visitor's eyes and entices them to stay on your website page. Try using big fonts in bold.
  • Videos testimonials: This is what will give other users the confidence and success of your product or service.
  • Case study: It will collect visitors' information and get detailed, in-depth research on user experience.
  • Call to action: This should be the primary conversion goal for your visitors. Test the CTA to ensure what the user gets it accurate as described to avoid trust issues.

Please don't assume that your page is infallible, give them a test. A website without an outstanding landing page will be a put-off to visitors.

Website Speed

A website design company can help you set up a cache and enhance the loading speed of your website. A slow loading site will not only lose on organic visibility and conversations but will also struggle to retain visitors. You can't afford to let this happen in 2020. Although Google controls Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), your web server can help you enhance their speed.

In conclusion

We hope all the detailed pointers shared in this article will help you to enhance your website for 2020. Stay ahead of evolving marketing strategy and all development technologies. Don't let your website look out of touch because it may equate your business.

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