5 Benefits of Using a Static IP Address in Your VPN

5 Benefits of Using a Static IP Address in Your VPN

You might have not been aware of it, but there is more than one type of personal IP address that you can use for your personal network. You can choose between a static IP address and a dynamic IP address, both of which have their unique advantages and disadvantages. That said, it’s well-known that in the modern tech-driven world, static IP addresses are generally more beneficial, as they offer a variety of handy perks and features that you can use to enhance online security, keep your personal information private, access all content types and platforms, and more.

Of course, you can’t rely on a static IP alone if you want to enjoy all these benefits, as you also have to choose a reliable VPN provider that can give you a legitimate static IP address that will allow you to browse the web quickly, easily, and without worrying about your security in the online realm. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the key benefits of using a static IP address in your VPN.

Enhance your online security and browse easily with a VPN

You’ve probably heard by now that one of the biggest advantages of using a VPN is that it brings enhanced online security and that it has no geographical restrictions. In a nutshell, this means that you can access all types of content from anywhere in the world without revealing your online information to the government or anyone who might profit from obtaining your personal data. After all, online anonymity is very valuable and extremely important in this day and age when hackers and scammers are constantly looking for their next victim.

If you’re still wondering about Virtual Private Networks and  how it all works, some of the best online guides will tell you that a VPN is a virtual private network that has been created with the user’s needs in mind, allowing you to browse the web freely and safely by masking your IP address and encrypting your data online. Combined with other security features and a static IP address, this is a great way to ensure online security and enhance your browsing experience.

Access online services with a whitelisted static IP address

A dynamic IP address is exactly what it sounds like – the IP address changes every time you refresh your private connection. This means that your IP address has been used and shared by various people around the web, meaning that you can never truly know if the IP address you have been assigned has been used for good or nefarious online activity. Some VPN providers, especially the dubious ones, will use numerous dynamic IP addresses that have been blacklisted by various online platforms, services, and entire regions, which means that you will be unable to access certain types of content. 

Untrustworthy IP addresses are common occurrences in the online world, but with a static IP address, you alone are in control and you alone are responsible for its status on the web and in the eyes of various service providers. Investing in a static IP address with your VPN provider is, therefore, a great way to stay whitelisted across the web and enjoy a trustworthy online reputation. Add to that, some service providers will only accept users who have a static IP address, so all the more reason to avoid using a dynamic IP.


Circumvent geographical censorship and restrictions

Have you ever clicked on a link or tried to open a video only to be greeted by a popup saying that the content you’re trying to access is not available in your location, as if you have a layover in Narnia on your way to Neverland. This can be very annoying, and it can even prevent you from doing your job if you’re a digital nomad or if you’re in a country that doesn’t allow its citizens to access certain platforms and websites – like China, which is known for its extreme censorship and online browsing restrictions.

Oftentimes, you will encounter this problem because you have an untrustworthy IP address or if it’s constantly changing like with a dynamic IP address, which is why it’s important that you invest in a static IP. Your VPN provider will make sure that your IP isn’t bound to a single location so that you can circumvent all geographical restrictions or censorship, and your static IP will ensure that you enjoy an impeccable online reputation so that you can enjoy all online services and platforms. 

Control how the IP is used and viewed by high-security services

Some websites have more stringent protocols and security measures in place in order to ensure the security of the user, but also the entire platform and the user collective as a whole. From payment providers and platforms to government websites and specialized online services like Ecommerce stores that collect sensitive customer information, all of these websites use high-security measures that will prevent you from accessing their content if you don’t have a trustworthy IP address.

It should go without saying that a dynamic IP is not a great choice if you’re looking to access these websites and browse the web without restrictions. With a static IP address, on the other hand, online service providers and websites will consider your IP to be a legitimate and trustworthy one, meaning that there is no risk of getting blocked by the website. 

Enjoy higher download and upload speeds

If you want to enjoy better internet speeds, then you might be able to get better performance with a static IP than if you were using a dynamic one. While the speed of your internet connection will be influenced by the plan you opt for with your provider, you could get better speeds if your IP address did not change every time you refresh the connection. The change can be marginal at times, but it’s another benefit that a static IP brings to the table over its dynamic counterpart. In households with numerous devices, this can make a substantial difference in performance. 

Wrapping up

While most VPN providers offer dynamic IPs, you can opt for a static IP address if you want to enjoy these and other benefits. Now that you know why having a static IP is important in this day and age, consider getting one for your private network in order to enhance online security and access all content types across the online world.

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