Angular vs ReactJS: Wich one is Most In-Demand Fronted Development Framework in 2020

Angular vs ReactJS: Wich one is Most In-Demand Fronted Development Framework in 2020

Hello, people! Angular and ReactJS have become the most usable technologies for application development.

Personally, I have worked with these technologies for 6 years and still, I cannot decide what is better to use Angular or ReactJS. Today I will cast some light on these technologies for you to understand better what do you prefer to use and maybe I will also find the answer to my question and finish that constant struggle inside. We will talk shortly about both technologies and try to understand what is better.


Angular is a really powerful framework that is rather brilliant for the development of single-page applications. The knowledge of JavaScript is optional here. Why? First of all, Angular has its own ecosystem and rules for you to follow. Moreover, Angular uses TypeScript which is a way mightier than a regular JavaScript. It has a strong and constantly growing community with a lot of support. But there are also disadvantages here. For example, the lack of freedom because you have to follow the rules. Moreover, TypeScript is rather heavy to understand and to learn, so, you will have to spend a couple of extra hours to understand how it works. As for speed, it is quite slow in comparison to ReactJS, especially after numerous improvements which made this technology rather heavy. And the constant updates also sometimes appear to be a problem.


If we talk about this technology we have to point out that is it a library. As it is fully based on JavaScript for most of the developers it will be much easier to master. Such technology as ReactJS provides the entire freedom for you. You are literally free to do and create in the way you want. There are no restrictions. Furthermore, due to all I said above, that becomes rather clear that ReactJS is quite easy to comprehend and to learn. This fact makes ReactJS pretty attractive for beginners to learn. ReactJS also has a huge and constantly growing and developing community, which provides solutions and new materials all the time. Also, this technology pretty fast in comparison to Angular. But everything has its dark side and in the case of ReactJS, I would like to admit such disadvantages as poor documentation, permanent changes, and the lack of MVC implementation.


As you can see either Angular or ReactJS have both advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is so difficult to choose between them. According to the poles and statistics, more and more people refer now to ReactJS due to its simplicity, speed, and the possibility to master and work with it fast and easily.

For me it is still hard to choose between them, so, I orient on the type of project I must develop. What about you? It is only up to you what technology to pick up and use in your future projects. 

Posted by Alex Vasylenko

Alex Vasylenko

Alex Vasylenko is an expert in web development. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science. During the last several years the CEO of AVA codes and Photobell companies. The author of numerous articles on web development, tech business, and startups. Leads his own blog – Alex Codes blog where he shares his experience from his work as a CEO and web developer.

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