11 Help Desk Management software to solve tickets of your customers instantly

11 Help Desk Management software to solve tickets of your customers instantly

From tickets, calls, customer complaints, to faulty equipment, managing all may be difficult for the customer service expert.

The IT support ticket system is to be able to solve the problems of customers compared to when done manually. It helps the staff deal with each request in a quick time. After each case is submitted, a new ticket is created against it. The customer details and the incident are given on the ticket. However, some tools management for IT change and resolving network problems have been introduced.
The 11 best Help Desk Management software are:


HubSpot is capable of offering excellent support experience to customers and improving team productivity of the company at the same time. By setting company, email support ensures that service information is available for members of the IT team. From automation,integration to managing details of the tickets, HubSpot’s CRM is used that makes the procedure faster for customers. Also, the software interface enables smooth and steady handling of ticket management.


This IT ticketing solution has been designed in such a way that it offers multi-channel support. Through this, customers have the option to request tickets from different social media sources. Certain features of this IT ticketing solution helps filter the tickets based on different criteria. Thus, it enables seeing ticket expiration time along with customizable views. This allows easy and quick addressing of problems and improving overall operations.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based ticketing system that includes features like social ticketing, effective team collaboration and the like. Here, different contacts and companies are associated with the tickets created. This makes it easy to manage communication. So, depending on the contact criteria, it becomes easy to search for the tickets. Thus, it enables addressing all problems on time.

Jira Service Desk

This helpdesk system is perfect for providing suitable customer service. For a seamless connection with customer's problems and resolving the issues at the earliest, this software management is suitable. With automation features, it enables ticket routing and gets easy notifications relating to customer's issues. Thus, it helps in creating customer satisfaction reporting and provides a suitable solution to the problems.

Mojo IT Helpdesk

With the help of this management software, it is possible to create a help desk. You can get access to the requests that customers have submitted through their preferred channel that gets converted to tickets. All the tickets are managed in one location, and it is possible to offer an easy solution for the problems submitted. It is possible to work with this software on the Google domain.


The Freshservice is an excellent service desk that has been designed in such a way that it enables teams to provide timely solutions. This service desk has SLA management, asset management and self-service facility. Through the dashboard, it is possible to have a look at the performance and know about the places where improvement can be made in this service.

Vision Helpdesk

To deal with incident management and other IT related services, this service desk is beneficial. For boosting team performance, this helps agents work in collaboration with the help team. It helps in handling daily tasks and solving them at the earliest efficiently on time.

Zoho Desk

The Zoho desk offers efficient tools to the IT team that helps in quick solving of tickets of customers. If you have used Zoho CRM, you can sync the data stored with the Zoho desk and get better access to the user's data. From ticket history, happiness rating to checking activity details, it can be done easily through this management software.

ServiceDesk Plus

This is another advanced IT ticketing system that can be used in its cloud version. Just by installing the cloud version on your system, you can use it. It offers the flexibility of live chat, change management, asset management and the like. Through this, customers are able to offer effective solutions to customers and also remotely access client's desktop.


If you wish to set up IT service with this software management, it hardly takes any time. It helps in better and easy team management. Resulting from this, it is possible to offer effective solutions to customers. From checking ticket activity, messaging, checking attachments, it can be done in single view through the management software. To get access to customer information, you do not have to ping your colleagues. The help desk service can be accessed both via Android and iOS apps to get access to it whenever you want to.

Request Tracker

Request Tracker is one of the best open-source help service ticketing system. Through this, it is possible to track tickets and grasp a better idea about the workflow. Its web-based interface is easy to use and therefore, one can get access to this app through any device. It is also a secured solution as the signing of the customers, and their problems are completely encrypted in the system. The user interface may be a little outdated that it never fails in providing an effective solution to customers.

How does IT ticketing system help in better work?

To successfully manage the workflow of the ticketing system, the above said management software is helpful. The ticketing system you use should have essential features like categorize, prioritize and also assigning tickets to the customers. Soon after receiving the tickets from the customers, the tools are designed in such a way that it shall help to resolve the problems at the earliest. For better reporting and analysis of the customer's problem, this ticketing system is beneficial. With a better knowledge base and providing suitable service to the customers, the ticketing system shall be of immense benefit. Choosing the right help desk service system is important to get the work done easily.

The Closure

Thus, when looking for effective customer service software, choose any from the above-said ones. The tools are better to help the IT department to become more productive. This, in turn, helps to boost sales of the company. For the all-in-one solution, these ticketing systems are the suitable one that makes the task an easy one.

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