LC Panorama

Project Info:

The Challenge

Challenge was to develop the whole web site in such a short time frame ( less than 1.week ). After brief consideration, we accepted the gig. We rolled up our sleeves and finished exactly when we've predicted we will. We've set our goal to create a event website where visitors can find all event related information easily and quickly. Excellent web responsiveness was one of our main goals we've set before starting this project.

The Solution

Our final product is a responsive modern wordpress website for Lc Panorama event. It has predefined styling & templates and many features built specially for this event such as event organiser along with 'just one click' booking system. Some of the features we have also included are easy social sharing capability along with one page navigation. Website is completely optimized for SEO with fully customizable flexible framework. 


We put this project on a highest priority due to short developing time frame and we wanted to test ourselves to see our limitations. Now we know that we - as a team - can handle almost everything. We finished this project on time and within clients budget.

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