Project Info:

BizzNerd is a media agency from the UK that wanted a new modern media platform with an emphasis on gaming, startups, business and technology industry.

The challenge

Our client requested that he wants a modern site, but at the same time, he was clear that want a stunning design and modern sharing options. Also, we had to have in mind the responsiveness of the website on different devices.

The Solution

We've first focused on design. We wanted to make a modern agency design look and a feel site that works across all devices, but for desktop devices, we wanted to be boxed layout. With that approach, we moved forward and focused on areas with different topics that the client wanted to cover.

Also, we've created great user menu which automatically changes with fresh content. In the development stage, we decided to go with Wordpress platform and integration of most popular extensions for WordPress for maximum flexibility. Also, we've connected several social networks so users can communicate and/or share its content immediately.  We also created a member area, where users have the ability to create their user profiles and upload content to the site solely or purchase items from the store.

For building up the store section we've used Woocommerce.

On the final stage, we've focused entirely on SEO and used AMP technology to make sure that content is mobile-optimized and loads FAST, everywhere.

The Conclusion

The final project is just what we've imagined - a business-tech news web portal which will flourish on its own. Also, we were successful in fulfilling one of our key objectives that we were trying to accomplish and that is to make self-sustaining portal which can prosper without a administrators input. We've also integrated security measurements into this streamless process to be safe from any kind of attacks.

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