Michael Ellis

Project Info:

Michael Ellis has over 25 years experience wood polishing and french polishing, including 7 years as a Site Manager for a large french polishing contractor. Over the years he has worked in a wide range of buildings from domestic to commercial sites such as palaces, theatres, hotels and banks.

The Challenge

Challenge was to create a site which will properly represent Michael's core business. Although we are not wood polishing experts, nor we are working with wood in general, we've researched a market to show MEFP business in a true light and adjust the site accordingly to his niche. Also, a minor challenge worth mentioning is that we had to extract data from the old website which was done with old technology and then afterwards integrate that into a new site which fits today's modern standards.

The Solution

We've created a beautiful web page which automatically connects with Michael's business type. Every single layout element is adjusted to his niche. We've chosen the Wordpress platform for this project, because of the size project and we wanted to provide the most possible user-friendly CMS for our client. The site adapts to every device screen size automatically, thanks to the power of bootstrap. Amongst other things, we've added functionality to import pictures into web form which then goes to Michael's email. We've also created a project area where the client can showcase his latest work.

The Conclusion

Client is very satisfied on what we've done, and we've exceeded his expectations. Complete site was created using Wordpress technology, with a dash of jquery.

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