Why You Should Consider Shifting to a Cloud-Based Call Center

Why You Should Consider Shifting to a Cloud-Based Call Center

Call centers have been one of the most popular ways to provide customer service and support for quite some time.

And while that shows no signs of changing, in recent years an increasing number of businesses have been starting to migrate their call centers to the cloud.

Essentially cloud-based call centers are a type of online service. The providers that run them will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, operations, and upgrades – while the clients (i.e. you) simply need to take advantage of their system to run your call center.

If you’re still on the fence and not sure whether or not you should shift to a cloud-based call center, here are some very strong reasons why you should:

Lower Costs

Operating a conventional ‘on premise’ call center is expensive. Aside from the cost of purchasing hardware there are various other costs for installation, maintenance, software licensing, technical support, and so on.

If you migrate to a cloud-based call center however, you don’t have to worry about any of that. All you’ll need in terms of hardware are computers and headsets – and your only ongoing cost will be for your internet connection.

On top of that because most cloud-based call center providers offer various packages, you only need to pay for the features and capacity that you need.


All that you need to access a cloud-based call center system is an internet connection. Both managers as well as agents can log in from anywhere, and many contact center apps nowadays support not only desktop computers but also mobile devices.

It should be noted that the accessibility of cloud-based call centers it not just a matter of convenience. Instead, it opens up the option of allowing agents to work remotely so you can expand your hiring range and even recruit agents internationally.

Right now being able to set up a remote agent program is all the more beneficial. With the COVID-19 pandemic still making on premise work challenging, having the option to allow agents to work from home can ensure that your call center operations aren’t interrupted or understaffed.

Easy to Use

Most cloud-based call centers are really easy to use for agents as well as managers. Typically all you need to do is download and install the software and you’re good to go.

While the interface as well as features that are available may vary, most try to make it easier for agents to communicate effectively with customers. Not only will this improve customer engagement, but it will also reduce the training required when new agents are hired.

For managers, the call center software will normally try to make it easier to monitor the performance of agents by tracking various metrics. That data can then be used to improve productivity, identify issues, and carry out improvements.


Arguably the most appealing advantage of shifting to a cl oud-based call center is the fact that it is extremely scalable. For businesses that are growing rapidly this is a huge benefit seeing as many tend to very quickly outgrow the resources that are available and on premise call centers will struggle to cope.

Cloud-based call centers can scale up or down much more easily. If you need more resources you can simply upgrade to a better package, or maybe even purchase the resources directly.

Some providers may even offer options that let you scale up your resources during peak hours to cope with the additional load, then scale them down again at other times. All in all this will give you a lot of flexibility, and ensure that your call center isn’t restricted in any way.


Starting to see why shifting your call center to the cloud is a good idea? If nothing else the reasons listed above should prove that it is something you’ll want to seriously consider.

To be completely honest, cloud-based call centers are definitely the future. The advantages that they provide make it difficult for on premise call centers to compete against them – except under very specific circumstances. For the majority of businesses, shifting to the cloud is a cheaper option that is more effective, flexible, and accessible.

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