Why Laravel is the best compared to Other PHP Frameworks?

Why Laravel is the best compared to Other PHP Frameworks?

Laravel is a PHP web framework which is completely free, and its purpose is to formulate the origination of web applications with the assistance of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

Laravel framework enhances the creation of apps by using facile and elementary structuring because of its potential to conduct intricate web applications in an ascendible and effortless way.

Why is Laravel used?

  • Laravel has been such a platform that makes the fabrication of web apps hassle-free. There are numerous logics that support the usage and utility of Laravel.
  • With Laravel, you can generate huge web applications as well as non-complicated applications with the backing of Laravel PHP framework.
  • Laravel encourages the usage of NoSQL structures.
  • Moreover, Laravel aids in the management of queries as well as automatic code without perturbing the front end.
  • Testing of Code becomes intangible because of the assistance of the artisan command line.

Exclusive Advantages of Using Laravel over another PHP Framework:

Below are a few of the exclusive advantages of why you should use Laravel:

Artisan Tool

Laravel offers an exclusive command - line tool which is known as artisan. Artisan is completely a built-in-tool. While working with the Laravel framework, the generator must fabricate the Laravel project environment with the assistance of this inbuilt artisan tool. The functionality of artisan tool is to execute the recurrent and monotonous programming errands which the developers usually do not welcome doing physically.

Safety and Security

Any application, be it of any kind or of any purpose, demands a proper security checkpoint. Users, generally, ask for security points before inserting any of their valuable or personal data. Laravel is like a boon to this safety attribute of an app. Within the Laravel framework, we get the assistance to originate an encrypted depiction of any password. Laravel framework prevents the injection thrushes with the reinforcement of ready SQL statements. The passwords are secured in such a format that they will not show up as clear readable data. To sum up with, the main security attributes by Laravel are -

  • User Verification
  • Password Reserving
  • Safeguarding routes
  • Driver Validation
  • Substantiation of HTTP
  • Encrypting Facilities
  • Reminders of Password
  • Reset Password
  • Formation

Assistance of MVC

Laravel stands out for one of its distinctive features of furnishing MVC architecture. The basic assignment of MVC architecture is to corroborate transparency between cognition and display. With MVC, applications get to achieve way better and incomparable attributes and features like enhanced performance as well as boosted up demonstrations.

Distinctive Verification Procedure

The verification and authorization processes with Laravel becomes facile and uncomplicated. The verification rationale and accessibility to controllers are made very effortless. Overall, interfaces are enhanced in such a manner so that they become user friendly.

Directory Relocation

Laravel intensifies the synchronization of directories and information between development machineries. Laravel PHP framework provides shelter to huge number of changes, especially when you want to transfer the databases through migration and seeding from one development machine to the next one. Relocating databases with Laravel is so convenient that this makes Laravel an outstanding PHP framework to work with. A skilled Laravel developer can assist you with the relocation and migration of databases in the correct procedure.

Usage of Blade Templating Engine

Working with PHP/HTML spaghetti has been enhanced with Laravel PHP framework. Blade templating engine is one of the topmost features of Laravel PHP framework. Blade is very instinctive and spontaneous. Cutting off an if statement with HTML in it, can be performed by Blade very conveniently. You can hire Laravel Developer who has the knowledge of using Blade at its best way.

Tutorials Provided

While you use Laravel, you get the added benefit of learner tutorial videos in case, you need to check out for help. You can go through the direction and learner tutorial videos which have been provided by the Laravel PHP framework. Some tutorial videos of Laravel are free while for some you need to pay.

Libraries have Object Intended Approach

Laravel constitutes of Object-Oriented Libraries and some of them are pre-installed. Few of these pre installed Object Oriented Libraries which is available in Laravel PHP framework are not available in any other framework. The pre-installed libraries have innumerable constituents such as Bcrypt hashing, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Password reset and encryption.


In Laravel, users get the facility to choose any package in accordance to their requirement and necessity. Though users are allowed to choose their referred package manually, an updated version of Laravel which is 5.5 has been designed and tailor made in such an exceptional way that the Automatic Package Discovery can apprehend it's preferable package automatically without creating any hassle to the user. Few packages that are available in Laravel are -

  • Socialite - Supports authentication channel and structure for multifarious social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google in a very hassle-free manner.
  • Cashier - Delivers interfaces which assist in billing and invoice generation in shops and stores or any transaction sectors.
  • Horizon - Basically supervises the job output of your system with the help of its dashboards and code-driven alignment.
  • Passport - Verifies the usage through API utilizing the OAuth server.
  • Scout - Used for Text searching with the assistance of Eloquent Models.
  • Live Broadcasting Laravel is famous for its broadcasting live events facility. It is rapidly used in today's modernized and updated web applications. This allows you to stream live shows and events to your clients.

Laravel has been to be the most convenient PHP framework due its outstanding and incomparable features which are more than any other PHP framework. It is an all rounder framework that can enhance any activity by the application rendering them a strong platform. What you need to do is to hire a Laravel Programmer who knows what exactly to implement to make your application stand ahead of the line.

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