7 Essential Things To Consider Before Deciding Website Re-Design

7 Essential Things To Consider Before Deciding Website Re-Design

An online business has its identity in form of the website it owns.

Thus, for any online business, website is the entry point where customers can interact with the business and get the desired services. Therefore, every online business needs to have a compelling and quality website which is at par with the values and goals of the business. There are different aspects that need to be considered when it comes to have a compelling website. The design of a website is the most crucial part to be considered as it forms the aesthetic aspect of a site.
However, at times you may opt for website re-design when you consider that your exiting site needs overhauling and should be improved to make it more compelling. If you think that some tweaks and adjustments will enhance the performance of your site, you will take the website re-design route. However redesigning a website is a crucial decision that should be taken with care. Here in this post, we will be discussing about seven important questions that should be considered before you decide to re-design your website.

What do your customers want?

No matter how attractive your site is if you are not getting the required sales and conversion, all this is not worthy to you. Thus, you will want to make sure that your website has the right impact and you will be able to get higher conversions. Website design has an important role in this regard. You need to ensure that the design is as per the expectations of your customers. You will want to consider the desires and needs of your current customers and also take into account the expectations of your future potential customers when designing your site.
There are many questions that might arise in your mind in this regard like what are the needs, requirements and desires of the customers? What kind of content they like? How do your products resolve their problems and cater their needs? and so on. These are a few questions that you might consider. When you try to re-design your site you have to ensure that the new site will cater all the things that the previous website couldn’t.

What kind of features you need on your site?

You and your customers can do a lot of things by using the features that your website offers. One of the key reasons to opt for website re-designing might be that your site was lacking some important features. Therefore, you will like to determine which features you need on your site to make it effective and user-friendly. You might consider several questions like the capability of your online shop, needs for graphics/photography, membership capability, audio/video hosting capability and more.
What features you want to integrate in your website depends on the requirements of your users. You can determine the needs and requirements of your customers to ascertain what features you need on your site. Once you know the right features that your website should offer, you can integrate them in your site to offer topmost user experience.

What are the goals of your business?

When you decide to redesign your site, the first thing that you need to clear is your business goals. Your business goals will provide you a direction and help you to choose the right things for re-designing your website. Once you determine your business goals, it will help you structure your website in the right direction. You can have many questions in your mind in this regard like How the website will help achieve business goals? Do you want a complete website overhauling? Why do you need a new site?
Every business has some goals to achieve and they work in this regard. By determining the goals of your business and the way to implement them into your site, you can build an effective website.

How will the site generate leads?

One important goal every website owner has in mind is generating new leads for business. A website should have all important ingredients that are required to generate leads. You may have tons of questions in your mind about how you will generate leads with your new website. Today, there are dozens of important things that make websites compelling and help webmasters to generate leads. Following are some activities and options that you can opt for to improve leads:

  • Make your site compelling by adding quality content.
  • Social media interactions, email newsletters, social media integration for blogs and articles on site.
  • Website loading speed improvements and search engine optimization.
  • The number and placement of CTAs on your site.
  • Good contact forms.

What things do you like in other websites?

Doing some research is very useful for website re-design as you will be able to get some fresh ideas. You can take a look on the websites of your competitors and find out the best features. Plus, you should check out the features that the competitors’ websites are lacking, you can integrate those features into your site to increase value of your site. You can even research on websites from other industries to find out what they are doing differently. You can take the best ideas of those websites and integrate them into your site and make the website more compelling and attractive.

When did you last update your site?

Making frequent changes in your site is not a good idea and it might even spoil the image of your business. When you re-create your existing site, the old image of your site gets removed from the minds of the users and a new image is created. If your users find your website different every time they land on your site they won’t be able to associate with your brand as there will be no unique identity of your business in their minds. Make sure the you re-design your website when it’s needed and it’s a right time to reform your exiting site.
However, you should also not take a long time to update your site as by modernizing your website whenever required you can ensure the visibility of your website. The more outdated your site is the more traffic it will lose due to lower visibility. As the time passes, your website will need overhauling, so you will re-design your site to fill a new energy in your site. By re-designing your site with right features and at the right time will enable you to reap higher benefits of website re-design.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

The use of mobile phones is getting pace day by day and today there is a large number of mobile users that even outpace the PC users. Plus, today search engines prefer websites that are optimized for mobile devices. If your existing website lack responsiveness then you will re-design your site to make it compatible with different devices. If you want that a large number of internet will land on your site, then responsive design is the best way to start as you will be able to capture the traffic that come from mobile devices.

Wrapping up!

Your website is the place where your customers can buy products and services. If it’s not compelling and lacks a concrete design, you will never be able to make some profits. At some point in time, you may have to decide to re-design your site to give it a fresh look and make it more effective. Re-designing your site is a big decision and you should consider several points for this. In this post, we have mentioned the questions that you need to ask yourself before you re-design your site. Make sure that your re-design your site in the most precise way.

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