Why is ASP.NET MVC best for startups?

Why is ASP.NET MVC best for startups?

ASP.NET MVC has been a game changer, consistently powering the web development players to flourish and gain decisive edge over their peers. A platform that is characterized by flair and flamboyance, ASP.NET has been behind the most remarkably creative and large-in-scope projects.

The unflappably good features and capabilities that it equips the developers with makes it an exuberantly pursed platform.

The resourcefulness of this platform can be easily judged from the fact that the today, most web applications have some or most of their components coded using ASP.NET. This lends the apps with some amazing suite of features that are highly sought by companies investing in those apps as well as by the end users. And that's what gets the startups interested in this technology.

The companies that are looking to establish their footprints in the market and create some serious headways always rely on technologies that can give them the wherewithal to be a trendsetter in their own right. And ASP.NET MVC has a plenty of that:

ASP.NET Powered Applications Run on “Steroids”

And literally so! The code structure of ASP.NET applications is so immaculately built that robustness becomes the core character of the web apps built on the platform. ASP.NET works in close coordination with HTML that makes sure when you are designing web pages, you can easily inculcate in them much sought after capabilities like high responsiveness and smooth loading, etc.

The Few Advantages of ASP.NET MVC over Simply ASP.NET

The basic differences between the MVC version and the non-MVC version also serves as the motivation for startups to go with the platform. To begin with, the MVC interface is much more interactive. You also get greater control over the app development process in ASP.NET MVC. Separation of Concerns is another feature that comes handy

Customizations Can be Made Without a Fuss

You have pre-loaded components that can help you deploy applications without investing heavy efforts or extra bit of time. Rather, the suite of libraries and extensions in .NET help you make massive savings on time and money, since using them means you are not running off to developers every time you wish to install a new-fangled feature or boost your web solutions' execution speed. The extensions are versatile in nature as you can choose from a variety of them, depending on the feature you wish to equip your app or web page with.

Every time you detect a change in the market trends and demands, and feel that the current application attributes are not suited well enough to meet them, you can look for the right libraries or extensions to get that feature installed without a complicated setup.

Keeping Hackers at Bay Is a Prospect with Greater Promise

You can hardly be blamed if the threat of web hackers makes you jittery. For startups, the results are equally catastrophic as they would be for the well-established players.

There is absolutely no dearth of them, the website hackers. They come in all forms and numbers, and they come at you hard. The hackers are usually highly skilled developers who know their way around intercepting a web solution by injecting a malicious code into it. And once they manage to break into the site, there is no tap on how much manipulation they can do to suit their sensibilities. There have been events of global effect when the servers of companies – the multinationals – have been hacked and there has been an illegal transaction, not only in terms of money, but also how these have affected the consumers of the company. The consequences have been grave, and will continue to remain so whenever enterprises with reasonably large scale projects are involved.

For new companies, the prospect of their web solutions getting intruded and manipulated can be a scary one. And that's again where ASP.NET comes to rescue. This platform has some seriously good authentication algorithms that make the web solutions almost impenetrable for the hackers to break through, and thus lend layers of reliably excellent security to the apps. The sensitivity to threats ensures that whenever an attempt is made to illegitimately access the apps, it is promptly detected.

Futuristic technology is the hallmark of ASP.NET The most advanced techniques and tools are made use of to protect the applications from being unauthorizedly accessed and this also gives programmers more room to focus on other core aspects of the applications.

The fanfare engulfing ASP.NET is justified, and startups can only gain from it. 

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