Why Give A Second Thought To Your Website Design? Points To Consider

Why Give A Second Thought To Your Website Design? Points To Consider

Web design plays a crucial role in determining your online marketing presence.

It is one of the essential mediums to connect with global audiences. In this digital era, user-centric designs are becoming a vital aspect of website design, as the visitor is the only person who clicks the mouse and decides everything. So, to build a profit oriented-web design, you must consider the benefits of the user-centric website, as if visitors can't use a feature, it might not exist as well.
In this article, we'll discuss the importance of your website design and how to determine if you need to reconsider it to augment sales.

Why Is Web Design Important For Your Business?

As you consider to redesign your website, you might look for the reasons why website design is essential for your business. Let's make it clear with a fact! If people are given only 15 minutes to consume any content, then 66% of them would like to see something beautifully designed.
Hence, website design plays a crucial role in targeting audiences and optimizing profits. Let's look at some more reasons why web design is essential.

It Sets A Good First Impression

Perks of having a good web design is that it sets a good first impression on your target audience. Visitors interact with your website even before they get in touch with your sales reps. If your website looks unappealing, or outdated, or is not able to deliver your brand’s message clearly, your customers will eventually develop a negative perception about your brand.

It Supports Your SEO Strategy

One of the vital aspects of web design is that it influences the way you publish content on your website. That in turn affects the way search engines crawl and index your site. Besides that, certain web design elements also affect SEO directly or indirectly.
Therefore, your web design code must be SEO-friendly. If your on-page SEO fundamentals are not up to the mark, then you'll have to struggle for visibility. So, the best way to ensure an SEO-friendly code is to partner with a web design agency that has all the necessary knowledge of search engine visibility.

It Builds Trust With Your Audience

Having an inferior and outdated web design can hamper your brand value. If people see an unappealing design or obsolete information on your website, then they may view your site as irrelevant. So, to develop a sense of trust among your users, a functional and visually appealing web design is essential. Also, if users will build confidence for your website, then they will stay more on it, and hence, you'll get more opportunities to generate leads for your business.

It Creates Consistency

Having consistency across your webpage is another way to make your audience more familiar with your brand. Having different web designs on each page of your site makes you look unprofessional. A result of that, people will bounce more often from your website to your competitor's website. Having an online web design can solve this issue.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

If you are still not convinced to revamp your website, then here's a big reason that will surely make your mind. Your competitors have already started to utilize a responsive web design. So, if you are still using an old, outdated, and low-quality website, then sooner or later your competitors will outrank you. Hence, your website design is an opportunity for you to lure more customers and stand out from the competition. Because while competing, you and competitors might have the same products/services, so, responsive web design will set your business apart.
Now that you are well aware of the benefits of good web design, how can you know if you need to revamp your website? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here we've compiled a list of all the reasons you need to revamp your web design. Check it out.

What Are The Sure-fire Signs That You Need To Redesign Your Website?

If you are on the verge of deciding whether to invest in a website redesign or not, then here are the top reasons to make your mind.

Your Website is Not Delivering The Expected User Experience

User Experience (UX) is a crucial element of design that is important in a website's success. In fact, 88% of the customers are less likely to return to a site after lousy user experience. Moreover, a site that is tough to load, or has slow loading time, or even is a bit complex, can all add up to a bad UX. So, if your website has any of the characteristics mentioned above, then you should probably consider redesigning your website. New and improved web design will create a more enjoyable UX for your customers.

Your Web Ranking is Stagnant

Another reason to invest in a website redesign is to improve your website ranking on the search engine. It is a known fact that, when you don't update your site regularly, it affects your most valuable digital asset, i.e. your Search Engine Result Position(SERP). SERP is a vital factor in determining your ranking over Google searches, and we all know ranking high on Google pages helps you tap opportunities.

Your Website Is Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

According to a study released by Salesforce, "83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is crucial". In this era of technological advancement, if your website isn't mobile-friendly, then there are high chances that you'll miss out on valuable prospects and customers. Therefore, you need to optimize your site to make it more compatible with mobile devices.

Your Website is not Aligned to Your Marketing Strategies

As your business grows, it is vital to align your sales and marketing objectives with it. Keeping your website aligns with your marketing goals can be a tedious task, but it's an essential aspect of digital marketing. So, always try to present an updated version of your website. For instance, you can add a whole new range of products, or can introduce interactive features like blogs, polls, events, and so on. To summarize, if your existing website is working on your marketing goals, then it's okay, but if it's not, then it is time to revamp your web design.

You've Recently Undergone a Rebrand

Similar to marketing strategies, your business brand should comply with your website. So, if you've undergone a rebranding process, then you need to update your website to reflect new and improved changes. But, one thing you should keep in mind before updating your website, that rebranding isn't only about themes and fonts; it is more about content and language used. Make sure you make a wise choice with your content as well as the way you represent it.

You Are Unable to Increase the Conversion Rates

It might be possible that your website is elegant and up-to-date, but it is still not generating more leads and opportunities. That too is a big reason to revamp your web design. To put it simply, you can consider redesigning your website's landing page and Call-to-Action. Because if your website is not converting prospects into potential customers, then maybe your landing page is a bit complex or the language used in your CTA is unclear. In both cases, you should revamp your web design to attract visitors into sales funnel.

You Want A More Secure Website

With increasing data usage, cyber-attacks are also evolving at a higher pace. According to a fact, about 90,000 websites are hacked every day. That can surely prove a significant loss for businesses, and these losses not involve only monetary loss, but can also spread publicity that can put down your growth and brand value. There is nothing more important than making your website secure. After all, your website is a reflection of your hard work and a source of your livelihood. So, investing in redesigning of your website is a smart choice.

Key Takeaway

As it is inevitable now, that a well designed, interactive website is an excellent source of online digital marketing. You can make the most of your profits by keeping your website updated. However, before investing in revamping your website, it is vital to know the answer to 'Why should I revamp my website?' So, if your site has any of the issues mentioned above, then it's time to give a second thought to your website design. Still in trouble? Connect with us to get a free consultation today!

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