What You Should Know About Hosted PBX in 2020

What You Should Know About Hosted PBX in 2020

As the number of businesses increases, the competition in different markets got tighter—business owners are continuously looking for ways on how to keep up with the competitive market, they have been continuously adapting to various technological improvements that can help their businesses to stand out.

As innovations touched every area of our lives, different channels of communication flow. For instance, people have been adopting the use of telecommunication applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber, sms numbers etc. People may now communicate easily and conveniently way wherever they are compared to the old age where long-distance calls were always a problem.

Another technology that has been making communication work conveniently for people is the Voice over Internet Protocol which is commonly known as the VoIP. Numerous businesses adopted VoIP technology for many reasons, but the main cause is how VoIP lets people make and receive calls easily through the Web.

On the other hand, Hosted PBX (which is also known by numerous businesses as Virtual PBX) is a private branch exchange sent as a hosted service. This system is one of the technologies behind VoIP that has been making communication work effectively and conveniently for small and large scale companies.

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a unique phone system that lets organizations manage their incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as their internal communications. PBX works by connecting the specific communication devices that a company has such as routers, phone sets, telephone adapters, and more.

PBX services composed of hardware and software systems—it offers a wide range of solutions that would cater to the specific needs of every business. It has a lot of unique features that would give a powerful impact on how communication work for people; its features include voicemails, conferences, automated greetings, and more.

It is important to take note that there are basic and complex PBX solutions. However, the three main solutions it can give are how it uses more than one telephone line, how it manages incoming and outgoing calls, and how it splits a single line into multiple lines through extensions.

As technological advancements created a huge impact on communication, PBX improved as well. Although traditional PBX in known for managing incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as a company’s internal communications, modern PBX has been known for handling local connections and call management (call blocking, call forwarding, and much more) as well.

On the other hand, numerous companies opt for Hosted PBX because it helps them to focus on their core business—it eliminates the hassle of installation, operation, and maintenance of hosting their own VoIP PBX service. Businesses do not have to handle the operation involve in Hosted PBX such as call routing and call switching.

Designing the best communication tool for your company or organization requires in-depth research on what would work for your business needs. It is important to know the specific solutions that would improve the performance of the business in general. Hence, here are the top five benefits of getting a Hosted PBX solution.

Five Reasons Why Businesses Opt for Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX services deliver solutions through the cloud as a SaaS solution. Users do not have to invest their time in installation, operation, and maintenance because what they only need are their telephone sets and routers. Compared to other PBX services, it is relatively cheap, which can be a good factor for small companies.

Flexible and Versatile

As Hosted PBX only requires businesses to have telephone sets and routers, this solution is the perfect fit for people who are working at home and for sales representatives who are always out of the workplace meeting customers, clients, or partners. Employees may organize their work anywhere conveniently.


One of the best features of PBX is how it can divide a single line into multiple lines through the users` extensions. Users may add or remove lines depending on the current needs of their businesses. This is an ideal solution for both small and large scale businesses because they can always expand their lines whenever they want.


As Hosted PBX does not require end-user management, it is easier to use compared to other systems. It is a great fit for small businesses because it can always scale up, and a great fit for a big business to help them focus on their core business. Users only need two devices and they do not have to worry about the maintenance.


Aside from the fact that Hosted PBX only requires businesses to have their own telephone sets and routers, it is considered to be relatively cheap because users are not required to hire an in-house PBX operator to maintain the system. Businesses do not need a large investment as well because operators handle the installation, operation, and maintenance.

Enhanced Corporate Reputation

Most of the trusted large scale companies have virtual numbers—this is the main reason why opting for Hosted PBX can help your business established a more reliable reputation. Hosted PBX is also ideal for small businesses to help them build a name in their industries. By having a virtual number, people will have the thought that your products or services are trustworthy.

In summary, Hosted PBX eliminates the hassle of businesses in handling the installation, operation, and maintenance of their system. Aside from the fact that it is cost-effective, businesses may save up time as well. For more information about Hosted PBX, you may visit Telnum.net website.

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