Creating Brand Identity in the Digital World through Animation

Creating Brand Identity in the Digital World through Animation

Brand identity is an essential aspect of a business. It is highly dependent on how the audience perceives the brand and business.

This is one reason why companies are continuously striving to create their niche in the market and make an impression on the audience through a strategy that is creatively positive and unique. Identifying a brand makes people have a resemblance to it, and this makes your product to be remembered and bought.

In this hyper-connected digital world where everything intertwines with every aspect of businesses, it has been more challenging for them to stand tall in the competition.  In order to succeed in the digital realm, you need to submit to create a unique personality of your company and find exciting ways to grip audiences' attention. Using engaging platforms such as virtual event softwares is a great way to connect with your audience and make your brand memorable.

To define it in simple words, businesses and brands need to establish a relatable personality that can resonate with your audience. Being empathetic towards the problems of the audience, showing them that you care, and offering creative solutions that can solve their problems can help the audience trust your brand. Creating a unique personality of your brand can make you stand out in the competition in the market.

How to create a brand identity?

There are several ways in which you can create a brand identity. Various types of digital marketing tactics and creative content can successfully make a connection with the audience. However, there is one that can help your brand like no other: Animations.

Animation marketing videos provides the audience with many benefits. For starters, they are highly engaging, entertaining, compelling, and visually appealing. Besides that, the biggest advantage of animation is that it can be customized with your own characters defining your brand, suitable background, and color palette.

With all the amazing elements of animation combined with a great story, it gives you an opportunity to communicate with the audience, associate with them on an emotional level, and create a strong bond with them. Simply put, an animated video can help in building a personal brand and can convey your brand story to a potential customer in a fun and engaging way.

Creating a brand identity is a process that requires a lot of things to be combined to make yourself visible in the eyes of the target market, and when it comes to the digital age, you have to be more careful about what you do and how you do it. Here is a five-step process that makes assumptions on the best brand identity creation.

  • Step 1: Finding out how your company is perceived. To start with anything, you must know your current position and where you want to be, and this is what the first step of branding guide here tells you.
  • Step 2: Identifying your competitors is the next step to do it. Here you need to see competitors branding to either find the gaps that are there in the branding or to pick points for better branding.
  • Step 3: Analyzing the current trend reports is what you do in digital times for better branding. Being in the trend cannot be counted off if you make steps in branding, and thus, you should keep yourself aware of whatever is happening around.
  • Step 4: Determining your positioning is another important point to ponder upon. It is just like finding how people perceive your company and is kind of similar to step 1 but with better precision.
  • Step 5: Be Amazing in Visuals. You can take this as a step or as a tip. In digital times visuals and graphics are the only points that can make thousands of words to be minimized in a picture or some frames.

So without further ado, let's discuss how animations can enhance your brand identity.

1.Create a brand persona

In order to make a successful brand identity with animated videos, it is crucial for a brand to identify their target audience and create a brand persona—a detailed representation of the audience.

Collect the demographics and data on your visitors, email subscribers, and followers on social media. Understand their key interests to understand your audience better. Here is what you need to determine:

  • The age and gender of potential customers
  • The places and websites they visit
  • Their favorite brand
  • The language they speak
  • Their field of work

Determining the specifics can help you to build a character rather than a buyer's persona that will have a name, a suitable age, background, and a job that resembles your audience. Once you have defined your buyer's persona, you will be able to set a tone of the video that reflects your audience.

Having insight into your audience's key interests can help them identify and trust your brand. Moreover, having a custom character in your videos can humanize your brand and evoke emotions that remain attached to your brand.

2.Choosing the right animated video

There are many different styles and types of animated videos which can deliver your message to the audience, but choosing the right style can be overwhelming. Many industries prefer whiteboard animation to communicate their ideas to the audience, and some opt for motion graphics for their attractive colors. Here are some of the most used animation styles for marketing:

  • 2D character animation

This style is used for its characters and scenes created in 2D space using perspective to create the illusion of depth. It is usually used by B2B or B2C companies since it evokes emotions and appeals directly to the audience.

This style dives a little deeper into explaining the product or services of a brand. It consists of simple black and white images illustrated on a whiteboard - hence the name of the style - used to explain complex concepts to the audience.

  • 3D animations

With its endless possibilities, 3D animation is mostly used for commercials because of its high-quality state of the art, making your brand noticed in an instant.

  • Typography

This style uses typographic styles in animation format to express an idea. By using the proper font and video format to underline the video's message, it can make your business message stick to the memory of the audience.

3.Go social

Having a video will not produce the required results until you get the word out. In order to do that, you need to devise a social media marketing plan along with crafting an animated video to achieve the required results. Keeping in mind all the benefits of animations, it is important for businesses and marketers to invest in video marketing in their social marketing campaigns. Here are the fundamentals of having a successful social media campaign.

  • Being constant

Communicate with your audience and answer the questions to clear their doubts and supply them with useful information to be effective.

  • Being coherent

Making sure to be methodological when crafting a video for your campaign. Your message should be similar to the message you delivered on various digital platforms.

  • Keeping them short

Long videos can lose the interest of the audience. Conversely, crafting short videos are easy to understand and more effective.

4.Choosing the right colors and brand style

Colors have a substantial impact on human psychology, which is why it is a significant branding element used in designing. Integrating your brand color on your website, products, landing pages, and social networks can help in boosting your brand image.

Colors help in making a positive perception of your brand. Whether it is a feisty red, a playful green, a friendly yellow, or any other shade, your brand color should be the fundamental compromise in your animated video.

What does a brand need animated logos?

Animated logos are unique and creatively represent a brand. It has become a strategic way to stand out in the competitive market of businesses. Described below are some reasons why a brand needs animated logos.

  • It is an original image

Animation brings uniqueness in the design with motion. An animated logo allows the design to be imaginative. Original designs combined with amazing animations and visual effects create a unique way to perceive a logo.

  • Greater brand awareness

According to experts, dynamic images, as well as video content, results in better static -meaning they are easy to remember. A powerful animated logo resonates with the audience and draws their attention effectively. Some animated logos can be into a video of ten seconds, which increases the chances of memorizing compared to a glance of an image of the brand.

  • A striking first impression

Consider this: you are expected to give an interview at a place where you wanted to work since the day you entered the field and making a first impression is essential so they can consider you as an important person for the company. Similarly, the first impression of a brand is necessary to make it memorable for the audience. It takes only a few minutes for the business prospects to decide if the brand is worth trusting. It is where an animated logo can surprise the people and increase your chances to be remembered by the audience - the positive impression of the brand help in attracting more users' to the business.

  • Evoke emotions

People are more interested in fresh and unusual ideas, and animated logo designs are an excellent way to excite them. An effective design can intrigue the audience and make them more inclined towards your brand. If your design can bring some positive emotions to the target audience, there is a chance that they will remember the brand and associate it with something pleasant.

  • Tells a story

An animated logo design is a work of art that can tell a story in the most creative form. An animated logo can give more details of the nature of the business than a simple image. It works as a video telling a unique story of the product or company. Animated logos can easily set an emotional connection with the audience and can be shared across the digital realm. It enables more people to share your design, and more users are attracted to it.

  • Company professional

Customers may not understand marketing tactics, but they do understand what is trending in the market. As said above, a lot of renowned brands like Google have already acquired animation as a trending part of the design and are sharing it with the world. Keeping up with the trending styles and market can help the brand to prove them as professionals in the market.


To conclude, it can be said that animated videos are highly effective in building brand awareness among the audience, which can take your industry to the next level. Make sure to take your time to craft an entertaining and educational animated video to make a brand identity. Whatever you do in the brand identity perspective, make sure that it is making yourself identifiable as well as recognized. Animation can help you out, but only if you make it great enough with some creative ideas or else it is just as useless and anything another thing that you do.

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