What the WhatsApp API Can Do for Online Businesses

What the WhatsApp API Can Do for Online Businesses

As technology progresses, humans connect better with each other.

What began with expensive calls through fixed landlines has now evolved into costless texts, videos and live calls at the touch of a button. Within the communication platforms, Whatsapp has shown itself to be preferred by consumers over all other channels.  

WhatsApp had over two billion users in 2021, putting it ahead of every other communication app to exist. Until recently, people were only using it to connect among themselves. Now, businesses can leverage the platform like never before to enhance their interactions.

WhatsApp Business API is a solution that lets you connect the feasibility of your existing software to the power of WhatsApp. This tool is invaluable for online business due to a number of reasons: 

1. Helps Update Customers

Consumers prefer visibility into the status of their orders. Many a time, online businesses only give consignment numbers to customers, leaving the rest to the delivery service providers and customers. This takes control away from both the business and the consumer. By integrating a WhatsApp API, you can automate order status messages to your customers, letting them know about order confirmation, and dispatch dates. As a majority of your customers probably already use WhatsApp on a routine basis, they will appreciate the service and raise any concerns timely.

2. Makes Customer Service Faster

Online communication is the major way in which consumers will reach you, so you need to streamline it as much as you can. Using manual means to get back to customers, like having your employees deal with them on a one-to-one basis can not only cause slow services, it can put an excessive burden on you and your workforce. This will either lead to skilled workers leaving you or demanding higher wages, both of which can pose challenges. Your best bet is to employ automation wherever you can. 

A WhatsApp API will let you integrate features like automated responses and chatbots. This will increase your business's response rate and only require your employees to communicate when self-service portals can not help the user. Your workers will be less burdened and your consumers will be able to get the help they need fast.

3. Enables Savings 

WhatsApp is free to use for both you and your consumer. An API will come at a cost but this will be considerably affordable as compared to investing in separate IT software and hardware. A WhatsApp API will let you streamline your communication channel without dealing with unnecessary cost burdens like setting up communication infrastructure.  

4. Fosters Connections 

In the end, you can only connect better with your customers if you analyze their messages and make sure your services stay available. Using your consumers' preferred WhatsApp will let you collect and assess their responses on one platform, and you'll collect data better for segmentation and customization purposes. 


Better communication services and engagement opportunities are the way to go ahead in the business world. Using a WhatsApp API will let you cut down on costs and time while providing you and your customers with better communication opportunities. If you have not yet looked into such a tool, you should hurry so you do not get left behind by your competitors. 

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