What should your new business website feature?

What should your new business website feature?

Whether you’re a startup building a brand new website or an established business that’s having a bit of an online refurb, re-building a website can be a complex task.

Even the most seemingly minimal website will have been well thought out in its navigation and what’s included on its pages. If you’re currently researching for your new company site, you may be wondering what makes for good content and what features should be added. Below are a few suggestions as to what to add.

Search function

This is particularly relevant if you own a business that offers a wide variety of services. Ideally, you should have an FAQ section or chatbot to answer any immediate burning questions, however, a search bar offers any visitors some autonomy when navigating through your site. It also looks and feels professional, giving your website the appearance of being of a high standard.

Call to action

Hopefully your website is also a method of increasing revenue and customers, and including a call to action or a CTA is just one way to gain a bit of traction with what your company has to offer. For example, if you’re a freelance web designer then your CTA would read something along the lines of ‘Call for a consultation now!’ or ‘Take a look at my online portfolio.’ Rather than hoping that visitors will feel the need to find your contact information or view promotional material, this persuades them to do it immediately.

A legible domain name

It can be frustrating if you’re struggling to find an unused domain name, however, it’s worth persisting to find one that’s simple, and easy to read. Having a website address that’s easy to type out in one go without double-checking will make your site much easier to access and to remember. On top of this, every link to each page of your website should be short and concise – long URLs are a nightmare to share and can be off-putting for people who are trying to share your content using a mobile device.

SEO optimized pages

One of the goals of your website should be to be seen – and search engine optimization helps to aid this. By using relevant keywords and link building you will help to push your website up to the top of Google’s results. However, there’s a right and a wrong way of doing this, as Google now penalizes websites that use lazy SEO tactics to boost their rankings. Using the expertise of a full-service digital marketing agency who offer SEO as a service is one of the best ways to ensure that it is used correctly and seamlessly.

Social media buttons

The easier to share your content, the better. Giving visitors links to all of your social media pages is a brilliant way of ensuring that people keep clicking through to more content, and want to find out more about what you have to offer. On top of this, share buttons are also hugely useful to keep your content circulating online.
Whatever you decide to put on your website – make sure it runs smoothly. To optimize all of your website features and characteristics, you will want a well-made website that doesn’t slow down your browser or come to a grinding halt.

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