Hey! Today I got my salary credited into my account and I am on cloud nine.

​First I thought of just going around somewhere and hang out with friends. But then again I got a thought to spend some part of my earnings and to save some part of it for future endeavors. And I guess… this is the way that more than half of the population think.

And you what:
Considering the future in mind, the same approach is followed in business also using data intelligence.

What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence is all about evaluating the different forms of data so that companies can use it to grow their services and investment. And also it helps you to utilize and analyze the available data to foster better decision-making in the future.
Adding to your knowledge:
Data intelligence is more about analyzing the information itself rather than organizing and presenting it. While collecting data for intelligence purposes, there is a wide range of sources which are looked forward to… So that it can be analyzed and useful information can be extracted. This includes data mining of users and consumers, performance metrics, etc.
Don’t you think?
Analyzing too much data manually can be a back-breaking and time-consuming task?
On the other hand, while evaluating an enormous amount of data manually the possibilities of errors also increases.
“Thus to make the data analysis faster, data intelligence infuses machine learning tools and artificial intelligence.”

What Is The Need?

You might have noticed that in your daily life you come across various insights to extract the information.
But do you think every insight is important?
Of course…Not.
“Here comes the need of data intelligence.”
Data intelligence will help you to squeeze down the insights that can really make a difference to your business.
“With such insight, you can take decisions more wisely considering the perspective of business future growth.”
If you really want to utilize the raft of information to your advantage then it is no more a big deal with data intelligence.

Use of Data Intelligence

To Know The Consumers Better

Not every approach and strategy you employ in your business are the best one you are using. There might be a huge scope to improve the services and strategies so that it can work greatly for your venture.
You might agree:
The business grows when you know your customers’ likes and dislikes.
“Through data intelligence, you can comprehend the consumers’ preferences, habits, trends, information regarding individual, etc.”
Such information helps to know the consumers better and tailor the services to serve them with the best.

Vision for Future Growth

When the progress is slow or and strategy fails to generate the desired output…You might find it difficult to decide what to do and what not to. You simply have the results with you and any specific vision for future growth.
This is all because you don’t know why this is all happening:
But with the help of data intelligence, you can get a vision for improving the business growth rate.
According to a study,
“Predictive analysis can help businesses to improve the ROI up to 25%.”
By analyzing trends, patterns, taste, etc.
“So, with the use of data intelligence services, you can formulate strategies and business processes by understanding the consumers in a deep manner.”
And have a vision of betterment of business in a precise way.

Data Intelligence Services

List Management

Do you know?
It is your email list on which the success of your marketing campaigns depends to a great extent. Less verified emails lead to less reach and ultimately less sales.
“So, if you wish your marketing campaign to be a great success, your email list needs to accurate, verified and extremely targeted.”
You know what:
This way you can solve the ultimate purpose for which the email list has been created. With a quality email list, not only you end up increased conversion rate but also with the increased product sales too.
Apart from this, every business requires some kind of list to proceed further or to build strategies.
Listing can be related to anything like:

  • List of competitors.
  • Potential customers
  • Email addresses
  • Overseas companies with whom you want to collaborate
  • Interested customers and many others.

These kinds of lists can be a requirement of any kind of business and it needs skilled professionals to build the list effectively and accurately. This again generates the need for data intelligence services to own a QUALITY LIST.

Data Management

Data Management

You might be aware:
There is a lot that can be done with the data to make it qualitative. It is not necessary that the data you have is completely accurate, verified and qualitative. But you can make it with the help of data intelligence services.
“With the help of data appending it is easy to reach the right customer at the right time. Furthermore, it will also help to increase the engagement rate of the marketing campaigns.”
You know what:
There can be another situation as well where the phone no. or email address in your data exists no more. Or the manager has changed and the company has also closed. In such cases, you do not have enough time to clear such data from time to time. But yes, you can get it done through the data cleaning and get the updated and active list.
The best part is:
Your data can be profiled and verified also.
“If there is any hidden potential in data to be utilized for multipurpose it will be easily discoverable with data profiling.”
Additionally, in order to increase efficiency, you can go for DATA VERIFICATION to eliminate any kind of inaccuracy and inconsistency.

Data Appending

If your list is just constant without any further addition how will you target new customers?
You know that:

As time passes, things get old and outdated. Consequently, the outcome is also hampered.
“In the same way, there is data appending if you do not want your data to stop. The list will continue with the addition of the new data.”
Whether it is about B2B or B2C email appending, phone, contact or social media profile appending you need to get it updated.Because without a comprehensive list, it is impossible to expand the reach and pull the customers.
“Hence, with the help of data appending you can execute your marketing strategies more efficiently and augment productivity.”


Every kind of data has the potential to change the whole picture of a business but it needs to be utilized wisely. Data intelligence interacts and analyzes various forms of data to provide you valuable insights that can prove beneficial to take decisions keeping in mind future growth. Using data intelligence, not only you can keep yourself updated with the latest trends but also you can have insights into latest patterns.
Thus, with the help of data intelligence services, it is feasible to make a better decision for future endeavors. And also enrich your data to increase efficiency. Still, there are many aspects of data intelligence which you can unfold by reading the above post.
Do you have any other benefits to quote that you have experienced due to data intelligence?

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Anupam Rajey
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