What Is a Sales Funnel? The All New Content Marketing Strategy

What Is a Sales Funnel? The All New Content Marketing Strategy

The world of digital marketing is ever growing. It is said that people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

One of the most popular concepts of digital marketing is the all-new, sales funnel. This sole strategy holds power to take your business from nowhere to everywhere and that too in the fastest manner possible.
Before we get into what is sales funnel, let’s talk about a simple funnel. The purpose of a funnel is to filtrate whatever is put into it to the other end. Same goes for a sales funnel! This is a strategy that ensures that user traffic that enters the funnel gets converted into potential buyers. In simple words, the sales funnel is a content marketing strategy that helps transform browsers into buyers.
In a sales funnel, there are ,however, layers that a user passes through before he makes a valuable decision to move on with buying a product/service. What are those layers? Read on to find out.

Your Brand Is A Story Unfolding Across All Customer Touch Points

Guests should always be well attended! The visitors to your website are your guests that should never be leaving empty-handed. Enticing offers should be made that make a user stay and spend. Make your marketing strategy so useful that people actually pay for it.
The first step towards the awareness is the creating a means through which a user can know about the businesses’ existence. Be it a Facebook ad, an email newsletter, or online ad campaigns; attracting a user to the web link is similar o getting through the first layer of the funnel.

You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything

Interconnecting the dots to make a picture complete, is what is called building up a story. From clicking on the email thread to making a purchase, it is like a sequence that you need to naturally, create for a customer. However, your message should be sounding loud and clear with no misleading or cheating.
If you can narrate the story to the visitors in the best of their interest, the chances are that they would pass on to the other end of the funnel. Once you follow up a sales funnel strategy, you may use a click conversion rate calculator to notice the change for yourself.

People Make Decisions When They Believe In You

Storytelling is one thing and getting a user to trust you with their money is another. The best thing you could do is creating a review-proof business along with testimonials and social media likes. These things add authenticity to the business that gives a reason to the customers to believe in you.
Google re-targeting is another strategy you could follow to keep a user’s interest intact. This process supports the popular belief, out of sight, out of mind. And, makes every possible effort to keep a thing of interest popping in front of your screen, no matter what website you visit.

The Positive Action That Leads To Success

The last and the most important stage of the sales funnel is the action. This action denotes the purchase a user makes for your products or services. The moment the user swipes his credit card, you know that your marketing strategy has worked for you.
Though out of 10 potential buyers, only 2 of them make a purchase, it is worth it. In no time, you’ll realize that the two has grown over to 200. A lot goes into getting to this final step but trust the strategy; you’ll get where you always imagined your business to be.


The next time you wish to implement a content marketing strategy, do give a shot to clickfunnels sales strategy. Once you filter the user traffic through the last layer of the funnel, the ball would be in your court. Always remember, success is no one day work, you have to strive hard to get it to your doorstep.

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Mark Ashley

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