How to reduce your web development costs without compromising quality?

How to reduce your web development costs without compromising quality?

Some businesses in need for web development services might spend a fortune on their projects.

Without proper approach and planning, there is a risk of adding unnecessary functionalities & exceeding the anticipated budget. Even the tactics which should save you money can actually result in significant project damages & unnecessary cost spendings. That’s why, business owners, as well as web developers, need to take proper actions. Here are several effective strategies that you can adopt to reduce your web development budget.

Simplicity is key.

Consider focusing on the core goals of your website, without overcomplicating things. If you want the website visitors to take a specific action on your web portal, create a suitable environment for that. Too many animations, videos and content might distract your potential customers, making them feel confused. Moreover, new website elements bring along new cost spendings. So, instead of including everything you can imagine in your website, try concentrating on the core features you need. This strategy is more likely to convert your visitors into real clients.

Use free images & resources.

Photos & images by expert photographers are quite expensive. Thankfully, you can use free stock resources to get as much and as different photos as you like. There is also an alternative solution - to use photos which you have taken by yourself. Besides saving money, website owners provide their visitors with an authentic feel. If you don’t have your own corporate photos yet, consider taking several of them. This will be beneficial for you on a long-term perspective.

Do proper planning.

To avoid expensive revisions & last-minute improvements, create a detailed plan of your project beforehand. If you add new goals & expectations during the development stage, you risk to go over the planned budget. Identify your core objectives and plan all the details before launching the cooperation. Find the answers to these main questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your website purpose? (selling products, services etc.)
  • What are the main features for your future website?

Also, take into account that web development & design costs are not the only components of the overall project budget. Don’t forget to include the domain name price, website hosting and related expenses.

4. Get help from professionals.

Although hiring developers in-house can be a costly process, there is a great alternative - contacting an offshore software development partner. You can build your own dedicated development team and save up to 60% of development costs. As there is a huge difference between USA and European living costs, you can get highly-skilled tech experts to develop a website without spending a fortune.

5. Cut the number of website pages.

Creating a multi-page website requires significant cost amounts. Besides, it’s always better to build a few well-performing pages with useful content than a huge amount of poor-quality pages. Besides cutting your web development costs, this tactic might improve your SEO ranking as well. Keep in mind that you can add additional pages later, during the maintenance stage. Company info & history is of secondary importance for lead generation, so these elements should be added later.


Web development doesn’t have to be expensive & daunting process. To avoid code rewriting and website redesign, a web development agency & business owner should find a perfect balance between functionality, price and future goals of a company. Only in such way, business owners can achieve cost-savvy web solutions which are perfectly aligned with their needs. Several aspects on which you should definitely avoid saving money are security, scalability and meeting business objectives.

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Dana Kozubska
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