Top Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Front-End Designer

Top Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Front-End Designer

It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple website or something complex that requires a team of developers to build. You still need a decent web designer to make you a stunning website!

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When you run a business, your website is your virtual shop front. Just like with bricks and mortar stores, if your website looks appalling or mediocre, people won’t want to go inside. Choosing the wrong web designer is a bit like buying ill-fitting shoes. They might have been a good idea at the time, but then you regret wasting your money!

Before you go out and hire a web designer, it’s important that you establish whether they are the right one for you or not. Today’s blog post will focus on some important key questions that you need to ask him or her. They are as follows:

Do your websites produce results?

Chances are you will want a website that deliver results in some form or other. For example, it might be to spread the word about your brand. Or you might want people to buy products and services through it.

All good web designers with a business focus will have published case studies of past clients. These case studies will tell you what web design their clients wanted. And how their new websites achieved certain results.

There’s no point having a nice website if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. If the web designer you ask the question to cannot provide any proof of results, it’s time to remove them from your shortlist.

How much do you charge?

Money is always part of any major negotiation. It’s hard to put an average price on web design because it’s such a bespoke industry. It’s not like you can compare the prices of tires or bottles of orange juice, for example.

When searching for a web designer, get quotes from several different designers or agencies. You can then determine what ballpark figure you are working with. Avoid web designers that cannot offer you an approximate price for your project.

How do you plan and research your website projects?

Before you agree to hire a web designer, you need to find out what their processes are for designing websites. And, in particular, yours. Some designers might just do an hour’s research. Whereas others might spend several days to determine the best elements of competitor sites.

You need to understand what steps a web designer will take before coming up with something they think will fit the bill. If alarm bells start ringing at this point, thank them for their time and move on to the next potential designer.

When I hired a web designer Perth company to design me a new website, it helped that I understood what steps they took to creating it.

Do you give your clients wireframe designs?

A wireframe is, in essence, a mockup of what your website will look like. It’s the accepted way of checking visual elements with clients before building the site.

It gives clients the chance to offer feedback on designs before the web designer continues working on the project. The last question to ask the web designer is whether they offer wireframe designs or not.

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