Top 7 Tips to Become a Good Android Developer

Top 7 Tips to Become a Good Android Developer

Becoming an Android developer is not that tough, but becoming a successful one takes some time and dedicated work.

It is a result of hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance in the work you do. However, there is no such short cut available. For increasing your success as a top-notch android developer, there are certain mandatory tips to keep in mind. If you plan to make your own project or trying to work for recognized firm, there are important aspects of developing an app. So, while you plan to Become Android Developer, try becoming a successful one by following some simple tips.

1. Familiarity with Android framework internals:

It is not the documentation but actual framework code in question. Most android developers are afraid to dive into Android Framework internals. Avoid being one of them. You will get to discover multiple things, which can actually work and how different the pieces might fit together proficiently. If you are trying hard to put on you Android game, avoid shying away from inner works of Android SDK and work on befriending it.

2. Start as your own critic:

You should believe in your work, but at the same time, start criticizing your work after sometime. Why will anyone else install your application? This happens to be the primary question in your mind and you better find out the answer as an android developer. Your primary goal needs to be solving problem and making life easier for your users. Identifying the proper niche is always a proficient step in moving forward with your goals.

3. Get over your FOMO:

You might fear of missing out (FOMO), but try getting over it. Android is huge and it is tough to learn everything from first till end in a month or two. The more you delve into the topic, the better you will realize how much you don’t know! For the beginners, it is quite common to be afraid and you may feel like missing out on some of the crucial information while trying to build an app. This is not only with you, but common among all newbies. Try getting over it as soon as possible, if you genuinely want to gain your confidence back. Start learning things you really need to know before getting started with your app you are working with. After that, expand your horizon slowly.

4. Only good jobs pay you well:

If you think software development is good and you picked up a job, chances are high that you will fail. It is not the easiest way to earn decent amount of money. Yes, you can earn good bucks for your work, but only for the good ones! If you don’t love the subject, you will get stuck at any time. You may not even see the money you thought of, before entering this market. Avoid making yourself miserable by doing something which you actually don’t like and here, only for money. This is what results in bad software!

5. Focus more on code:

Most developers avoid spending time in reading what others are writing. They end up writing everything they already know. It won’t help you to grow as a promising android developer. You may fail your chances of getting appointed by trusted Android App Development Company too. The best way to become a noteworthy developer is by reading excellent codes and using those in your own projects. Start researching libraries and open-source apps, where you get to discover multiple feature implementations and coding techniques, which you never thought existed.

6. Create your own portfolio:

Whether you are planning to find better job or working as a freelance android developer, it is vital to create samples of previous works. You cannot deny the importance of creating a powerful portfolio. This is how you can practice and show the right things you are able to perform on behalf of your clients, if appointed. The more skills you can present, the higher are your chances to bag the job and be a household name shortly.

7. Move forward to take some risks:

There will be some moments in career, where you might get the chance to pick up easy way for accomplishing task or go for something experimental. This is not just related to technology. Sometimes, you might have to step out of your firm’s strict rules to create a better app. After all, it is the job you did that matters the most. Your selected path may not be the right choice for others, but it is worth taking risks sometimes. It might be a rocky path, but you should never stop trying. Following these simple yet effective tips might fulfil your dreams of becoming a renowned android developer. Hold your patience as becoming a household name will take some time for sure!

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Patrick Mostler
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