Top 5 UX design trends that you need to watch in 2018

Top 5 UX design trends that you need to watch in 2018

2018 is right around the corner and with it is a whole new wave of technology predictions, especially for the advanced community of designers who develop various UX designs.

The upcoming year will be filled with mystery, but with how things have been going this year, we can guess pretty easily when it comes to finding out exactly what else we will be experiencing as UX users in the coming year. In this curated list we’ve compiled some of the information we’ve gathered from hours of research that cover some of the predicted trends for next year. Let us know what trend you’re most excited to see in the future!

1 Easier Interfaces

Personalization is a theme we’ve been seeing more and more of, and with unique website building programs, it’s becoming easier and easier for a designer or everyday person to develop a site that speaks about them, their product, or their opinions. Having a smarter personalization matter when it comes to creating a design-forward platform that makes an important nod towards the creator of the brand. This will allow individuals going to that platform or using that product a better idea of who the actual company leader is and what they believe in. This gives an important human aspect into the design process that will change everything in a very important way. In an attempt to get to know users on a deeper level, businesses will continue to search for new ways to offer a more personalized brand experience. This will move personalization to a whole new level. Soon, everything around us will be a personalized experience, from the creator to consumer, it will react based on what you feel, think, or see. That’s something that isn’t too far away to imagine, which is quite exciting! By incorporating easier to use interfaces there will be more interaction between the user and the creator of the content.

2 Minimalist Movement

2018 will be all about simplicity. While this trend has started this year, it will reach a whole new level next year, The importance of having a simple design will save the user time and confusion when things are laid out in a clean and easy to use way. Some of the most successful websites will provide a wide range of information while still being simple and uncluttered. When you have a clean and innovative experience you’ll experience more users wanting to be involved in the experience of the overall design. Especially when you’re marketing a product to a customer, you want the customer to easily know where they should be looking for a fast purchase of the product you’re trying to sell.

3 Connections Between User & Brand

Not only are simple design and personalization reaching new heights in the trends for next year, so is the importance of fun interactions. From Apple releasing face-tracking sensors to match your face up with the face of an emoji, you can make talk, to even just fun little games that get you excited about a product like on Mailchimp when you send out your weekly newsletter. This all matters in a way that is unique to any other time before. If you want to entice your audience and stand out from the crowd, you need to be able to integrate these fun little elements into your work. The trend of humanizing digital experiences is directly related to user emotions. The way a user feels about an interaction with a product has a great impact on whether or not they’ll use the product on a long-term basis. You can also make sure that they are simple, to the point, and also add that unique touch of personalization! Fun interactions like this will create a deeper connection between the user and the brand, making more sales and momentum for the future.

4 Augmented Reality

With augmented reality becoming more than just innovative video games, there has been a whole new world that has opened up because of this technology. Augmented reality has helped people learn languages in real-time, it’s influenced how we market to consumers, and it’s changed just about every aspect of modern tech as we know it today. Augmented reality has already made a huge impact but with the normalization of robotics and other AI programs, it’s only natural to assume that 2018 will help augmented reality flourish more than ever. There are three elements in mobile technology that will have a significant impact on mobile AR, and these are faster processors, higher-quality displays, and better cameras. In the upcoming year, we’ll start to see more useful applications in augmented reality, like ones that aid translation between cultures and languages.

5 Voice Recognition

Using your voice to unlock your phone or to take a selfie without pressing a button, this feature is here to stay. With the rise of home units that can understand what we say and do what we say, the world is changing fast when it comes to technology, the especially everyday tech we interact with on a day to day basis. An excerpt from Adobe goes on to say, “In 2018 we’ll continue moving away from designing for clicks and taps towards the domain of screenless experiences–a domain of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). VUIs are already being deployed in a range of technologies: Apple has Siri, Google has OK Google, Microsoft has Cortana, and Amazon has Alexa.” How will you feel when literally every piece of tech you own can be activated by your voice? Is it something you look forward to, or is it too much when it comes to crossing the line?


Regardless of whether or not these UX design interfaces and trends take off next year, they are something that will always be in development even today. We can only hope that this kind of positive form of technology that benefits everyone will take off within our lifetime which we have full faith it will. Let us know by sharing and leaving a comment what trend are you looking forward to the most, let us know why that particular design will alter your life specifically in the future.

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