Top 12 Online Marketing Tips for 2020

Top 12 Online Marketing Tips for 2020

Now that a new decade is dawning it is the perfect time for you to take a long hard look at your online marketing.

It is important that you stay ahead of the curve, as what worked in 2019 may not in 2020.
Although it is still early in the year, there are a few useful tips that should help you to prepare for it and ensure you can remain competitive:

Consider using messenger marketing

In the last few years messenger marketing has grown by leaps and bounds, and 2020 looks like the year it could really come into its own. Starting with Facebook Messenger is good, but keep an eye out for when WhatsApp, Google, and Apple start to introduce messaging APIs.

Optimize for voice search

Voice search has been growing steadily, and it is high time you start to optimize your content for it. That means using long keywords that are conversational and have filler words in them – so that they’re more natural.

Use isometric web design to attract attention

One of the new trends in web design that marketers can take advantage of is the resurgence of isometric designs. Making some elements appear more three-dimensional can help to attract the attention of viewers to your call to action or other important elements.

Focus on your local market

If you’re running a local business, your first priority should be to focus on your local market. For example if it is located in Madison you should list your address on Google, join local groups, verify your business on Yelp, and maybe even partner up with influencers that have a strong following in Madison or nearby locations.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make use of it

Machine learning and AI can help marketers in numerous ways, and you should definitely take advantage of it. Starting this year you should constantly look for ways that you can integrate AI and AI-based tools into your marketing strategies to automate tedious tasks and free up more of your time.

Think about expanding your audience and reach

Online marketing will let you reach a global audience, and although your initial focus may be your local market – you should eventually start to think of ways to expand. In particular you should look at any global markets that you’re already forming a presence in, and find ways to expand into them.

Leverage (the right) influencers

Naysayers may claim that influencer marketing is dead, but the data says otherwise. As most brands have realized, the key to influencer marketing is finding the right influencers who are able to reach your target market and engage them effectively to mobilize them into taking action. Nano and micro-influencers can be particularly effective in that regard.

Churn out quality rather than quantity when it comes to content

Content is still very much king, and content marketing is going strong. However you need to make sure the quality of your content is excellent or it won’t have much of an impact on search engines and your audience.

Produce more live videos

Live videos are still one of the best ways to attract lots of viewers and engage them for quite a long time. If you can you should try to find ways to integrate them into your marketing strategy, and use them to expand your reach and engagement levels.
It should be noted that above and beyond all else, you need to constantly make sure that you’re keeping up with any new trends that emerge in 2020. Ideally you should evaluate each one, and see if there’s any way that you can use it to improve your online marketing strategy.
All said and done the best way to make sure you’re able to stay ahead of the curve is by proactively looking for ways that you can improve your marketing and make it more effective.

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