TOP 10 Visual Studio Shortcuts

TOP 10 Visual Studio Shortcuts

Visual Studio is development environment for creating applications for Windows, Android , iOS as well as modern web applications and cloud services.

Visual Studio is a keyboard friendly developing software and you have keyboard shortcuts for pretty much any functionality Visual Studio has.  Here is my list of top 10 favourite keyboard shortcuts that'll help you speed up developing process.

  • CTRL + - and the opposite CTRL + SHIFT + -

    It moves your cursor back ( or forwards) to the last place it was.

  • CTRL + TAB and the opposite CTRL + SHIFT + TAB

    This switches open windows in Visual Studio

  • CTRL + I , also you can use CTRL + F

    Incremental Search , it's basically the find dialog box. Just start typing what you want to search for and if it is there, results will show up.

  • CTRL + K , CTRL + C and the opposite CTRL + K , CTRL + U

    For Commenting/Uncommenting a block

  • TAB key

    Usefull for snippets, e.g. type "try" then hit TAB twice.

  • CTRL + M

    To expand/collapse the current code block

  • CTRL + F5 and the follow-up , CTRL + SHIFT + B

    Start Without Debugging, and for follow-up, Build Solution


    Autocomplete using IntelliSense

  • CTRL + TAB

    Cycle through Multiple Document Inferface ( MDI) child windows, one window at a time


    View Code Editor in Full screen.


As a new developer, I am starting to familiarize myself with Visual Studio and of course their shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts will boost up your productivity. Click here to see all keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio

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