Top 10 Magento 2 Extensions to Consider for your Store

Top 10 Magento 2 Extensions to Consider for your Store

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. According to the research conducted by aheadWorks in May 2015, Magento's market share among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms is about 29.8%.

With rising trends ecommerce industry, business owners, marketers and advertiser have become the part of a rat race to have the best Ecommerce tools for their stores. A decade ago when internet had just began to walk, the idea to have an online presence was bleak and underrated. There were many organizations and businesses that took the bold steps towards online representation, but the lack of facilities and software inability left them but with no choice to abandon their ventures.

But that was 10 years ago, with the advent of several CMS and Ecommerce Platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento, the business industry has quadrupled its investment in Ecommerce stores. Now, what different is it now than before which makes ecommerce so wanted? The answer is simple – ecommerce extensions.

Ecommerce extensions are software that acts as plugins to enhance the functionality of the website by adding features and options to its daily operations. It can be marketing, sales, design, content etc. In this article we are going to discuss the top 10 extensions that are most beneficial to your Magento 2 store in different aspects.

FME Photo Gallery extensions for Magento 2

This Magento 2 Photo Gallery extension is no doubt one of the most popular ones in Magento Commerce. It allows you to show images in galleries on your website and creates a standalone page dedicated for all product images in the form of albums. With several useful features such as lightbox and image slider, this extension is absolutely must for your Magento store.

Magento 2 Brand Extension by LandofCoder


Customers that are looking for their favorite brands and suppliers listen up! This Magento 2 Brand extension is you salvation. It is an incredible piece of software and a must for every store that is selling multiple brand products. It helps customers open all products of a specific manufacturer with just one click instead of searching for it or moving from one page to the other.

Magento 2 Image Slider by Magestore

Every store needs an image slider atleast for its home page. Image sliders are a formidable tool for increasing customer engagement by 10 fold and adding elegance to website design. Most of such extensions are free but added functionality for advance features can cost more. The images are fully responsive and with time duration features for the slider, but you can set it to auto as well.

FME Media Gallery and Product Videos


Another visually interactive extension for Magento store owners is FME Media gallery. You not only get the ability to post visual content such as images and videos etc, but also add video blocks on your web pages with left and right preferences. The extension is highly compatible with several video formats such as FLV, MPEG, MP4, PNG, GIF, and SWF etc. If you find a video interesting while surfing the internet you can embed it through YouTube and Vimeo.

Custom Checkout Registration Fields by Webkul


If you have an ecommerce store and are struggling with checkout abandonments then worry no more. This next extension is the perfect solution to one of the most notorious problems in checkout. Custom Registration Fields allow you to add custom field to checkout so the customer can easily enter the information without getting annoyed with the default fields that are difficult and uneasy for beginners. You can add several field formats such as text field, check box, radio, drop down and numbers etc.

Free Magento 2 Product List


It’s quite a simple extension that allows you to showcase your products in an organized platform on your Magento 2 ecommerce store. Being a free extension it is necessary that your store must have this functionality and thanks to new features you can also add widget block and position is anywhere on your store.

Geo IP Store Switcher by FME


GeoIP Default store is a must have extension in order to expand your business horizons. What do you do when you’re dealing with customers who want to visit your store and purchase products from there? With the help of Maxmind database this extension helps customers locate the nearest store to their location with proper directions to the store. You can add as many stores as you want and use geo targeting feature for clients from other regions. IP exceptions can also be added for specific clients.

FAQ Extension for Magento 2

How about an extension that relieves your burden of constantly answering email queries of clients in an endless loop of email exchanges? Well, this extension is available for your Magento 2 store with upgraded features and more elegant format. The Magento 2 FAQ extension helps arrange FAQS for clients on a dedicated page by answering the most popular questions in categories. It has a powerful searching tool integrated as well that pinpoints to the most relevant question asked and leads the client to its answer.

Testimonials Extension for Magento 2


This extension is not only the best means to increase engagement on your website but also receive the valuable feed back of the customers to enhance your services and products. Testimonials extension offers customers a text area section where the customer can share their experience regarding the store. You can reject, approve or edit these testimonials as well before publishing them.

Blog Extension for Magento 2 by MageFan


Owning a blog for your ecommerce store is imperative in multiple marketing aspects. It helps promote your products, circulates outreach and maintains a good DA for your website. It’s a marketing machine that works day and night converting traffic from your website. You can use this platform to start campaigns, promotions and add interactive topics for SEO.


Even though many websites still use the primitive ways to expand their reach for acquiring more sales and revenues, they only can last for so long. By using these extensions for your Magento 2 stores you can get the best of online facilities and enhance your functionality with more convenient techniques. Remember, software is built for minimizing efforts and maximizing results. Ignoring their importance can cost you your fortune in the long haul.

Posted by Simon Walker

Simon Walker
Simon Walker is a well versed eCommerce consultant with 7 years experience in online development on several projects. He is currently a part of Leading Magento Development Company, FME extensions where he has developed several Magento 2 extensions and custom eCommerce websites.

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