5 Major Trends that are going to Shape the Future

5 Major Trends that are going to Shape the Future

People have always been intrigued of what the future will look like. Hopefully this article can shed light on trends of the future...

Future can only be predicted, but what exactly it conceals in its palms is the greatest secret ever. As far as this characteristic of future meets business it becomes difficult for business owners to get prepared for the uncertainties because there are a number of circumstances and situations that can potentially impact any enterprise.

But thanks to the advancement in technology and changes in digital, demographic and environment, we have been provided with a few major strategies businesses must embrace to stay competitive.

The following study throws light on the major trends that are going to shape the future:

A Business App-The Game Changer

With the proliferation of smartphones and its continuous growth has opened new doors of hope for their businesses. The use of smartphone is everywhere now; from communication to shopping and enjoying games to look for local enterprises.

Therefore, optimizing sites for mobile through the use of a responsive web design has become crucial for enterprise holders in the past a few years. Despite being a great first step, this process may not be sufficient to future-proof your business.

As per a study, users spend 89% of all their mobile media time using apps and the rest 11% on the mobile web. It clears the picture that if you get an app built for your business, you ensure a beneficial deal.

Native Content

It is true that technology has taken a more mobile, local and social shape in the past a few years. Your drawing room will turn into a battlefield with companies like Google, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other cable companies who are vying to generate a presiding model for offering consumer entertainment.

There is one key to grow original programming to allure and maintain a subscriber base. Lately, Netflix got success with their latest series. Similarly, Amazon and Microsoft rapidly declared their own answer into original content right after that.

This is very interesting that HBO, which introduced the strategy, has been enforcing the trend in contrary. Its HBO Go app, which needs a cable subscription at the moment, can be untethered and will give a direct competition to Netflix.

Supercomputer Driven by Users

Generally, we all come across to an automated interface when we have to call to our banks, phone operators, etc., and the inconvenience that we face is simply unexplainable. Sometimes, you wish getting rid of such monotonous and frustrating procedures required to get your queries resolved.

Welcome to the world of the next phase of computing where giant players like IBM, Google and Microsoft are competing with each other to integrate natural language processing with large big Data systems in the cloud accessible from any corner of the world.

This system will have each detail about us even more than your chum friend; however, will be linked to the whole Web of Things as well as the mass total of the entire human knowledge. Watson from IBM will be the first out of these and it will cost 3 million dollars to get built, however, it will drop about 30, 0000 dollars in ten years and will get accessible for a number of firms.

End of Computers

There was a time when computers were invented they used to be gigantic unable to fit even into a large space. Gradually with the advancement in technology, they confined to only a single room, and later got amazingly smaller when may be your father introduced you with it as your first personal computer. At present, we all carry computers in our loving hand-held devices.

Now, the day is not far away when computers will get disappeared. They are embedded into the Web of Things invisibly, into our daily lives and into no-touch interfaces. As the days are gone when we used to load disks into slots to get our computers work and get used to of software as a service, now, hardware is going to replace this soon.

This is the reason tech companies are getting more and more consumer driven; investigate in things such as native content to establish us on their bandstand and using this platform, we will get an access onto massively online services to educate and amuse ourselves.

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