Top 10 Causes Of Roof Leaks In Residential Homes: An Analysis By Experts

Top 10 Causes Of Roof Leaks In Residential Homes: An Analysis By Experts

Over time, gradually, roof vents might develop cracks. The flashing or gaskets around the opening junction of the vent pipes are prone to decay or breakage over time.

Leaky roofs are not only irritating but also damage the overall health of your house. Suddenly you might find out that your roof is leaking and water is dripping right on your head while you are enjoying a great movie on a rainy day. 

We can understand how troublesome the whole situation can be. That is why we will always advise you to renovate your roof when you find a single leak on the roof. Here, opting for some solutions by LOA Construction will be the best option. 

Top 10 Causes Of Roof Leaks In Residential Homes

Before you are putting your money into roof renovation, or roof replacement, it is best to know about some obvious causes of roof leaks in residential homes so that you can prevent these things at the early stages. 

Missing Or Broken Shingles

Shingles are those rectangular, individual metal or slate blocks, which overlap each other in order to develop the exterior part of the house’s roof. That is why identifying any breakage, or missing shingles is really easy to identify from the outside, just by looking at them. 

Extreme weather conditions are the main culprit here, behind any missing or broken shingles. Whether it is a hailstorm, heavy downpour, or an improper installation, anything can result in shingles losing their grip, corroding, or getting blown off. 

Skylights Are Not Properly Installed

Along with adding aesthetic value, skylights create an energy-efficient building. They can be of different shapes and sizes, such as domed, arched, and flat as well. The best part is that if there are any leaks on the skylights, you can spot them easily. 

In case they are not installed properly and are not properly flashed along with the roof ages, leaks might develop. As a result of the skylight not properly being installed, you might find water dripping from its sides along with wet spots. 

Valleys Not Properly Sealed

When the two parallel slopes of your roof join and create a ‘V’ shape, it is called the valley of the roof. Usually, there are two types of valleys, either they are open or closed. It does not matter which valley your house has; an improper installation of the valley often causes major problems. 

Unsupervised constructions, less or simply no maintenance, can also damage the health of the roof. As a result of all these, you might encounter water in vents, build-up of debris, and results in leaks and rot. 

Cracked Roof Vents

Do you see those tiny pipes, which are sticking out of the roof? These are called vents that play the role of an exhaust. These vents are placed in different positions for allowing outside air to come in and let the inside air flow out. 

Over time, gradually, roof vents might develop cracks. The flashing or gaskets around the opening junction of the vent pipes are prone to decay or breakage over time. Eventually, this results in unwarranted leaks, which are really hard to find and detect. 

Clogged Gutters

The narrow through, which suspends along the lower edge of the slope of your roof, is a gutter. We all are aware of the primary use of the gutter, which is channeling off the water from the roof, and also letting it fall far from the house. 

Clogged gutters do not allow water to flow off the roof and away from the building. In this case, the water gets accumulated in a single part of the roof and gradually seeps into the cracks. So, in case you get to see any leaves or twigs sticking out of the lower edge of the roof, go for an expert’s inspection. 

Aging Roof

Usually, an aging roof looks worn and dilapidated. You will definitely find bald spots, moss build-up or/and broken shingles on an aging roof. Just the way your immunity system decreases with age and you get several diseases; an aging roof also shows several damages. 

Mature roofs are always utilized to their maximum potential. Apart from encountering a fallout, an aging roof might also face leakage once it goes beyond its servicing period. That is why the time to time servicing and maintenance is a must here. 

Moisture Formation In The Attic

A damp in the attic will show signs of mildew and mold. Often the fungal growth comes with a distinct musty stench. All these signs are actually telling you that your attic is exposed to humidity and heavy moisture. 

Due to the clash of external and internal temperatures, dampness develops in the attic. During all those extreme weather days, there can be major temperature differences. It results in condensation in the attic. In this case, the water makes its way through the surface of the roof. 

Ice Dam Build-up

During those chilly wintery days, you might encounter issues with ice accumulating on the edge of your roof. This particular accumulation of ice prevents the drainage of all that melting snow and results in an ice dam build-up. 

Ice build-up doubled the weight due to the combined weight of water and ice lodging on the roof. This can cause permanent damage to the roof of your house. This is why consulting with a roofing company is the best idea. 

Cracks And Holes

In case any construction or destructive work has been performed on the rooftop, there is a high chance of developing any cracks or holes. So, you have to have a check on all these things in case any activity is performed there. 

Often, those cracks and holes are so minor that you can actually save some bucks, but fixing them all by yourself and not involving any expert hands. Everything will be fine if you can find minor damages and look after them. 

Fascia And Soffits Boards Damages

Most of us do not have any idea about the fascia and soffits boards. All these boards offer a  finished look to the roof. Plus, they also prevent water and wind from rotting the edges of the roof. 

Due to exposure to sun and water, the wooden fascia and soffits encounter dry rot along with crumbling. This conditional damage can also get worse due to the squirrel and some other pests. The structural integrity of the building can be denied due to damaged fascia and soffits. 

Renovate The Roof Of The House

As now you know all the possible reasons for roof damages and leaks, you will be able to take care of all those things. Proper care at the proper time can not only help you to maintain the overall health of the roof but also save you a lot. There is a trend for everything, just the way the e-commerce industry is following the latest ecommerce trends, you also can follow some latest roof repairing trends for your home to get the best solutions. 

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