How to Optimize Your Smartphone for Studying

How to Optimize Your Smartphone for Studying

An exam period may be tough in many fields. You need to focus on numerous subjects and try to achieve your best academic results.

Naturally, you may apply to a paper writing service online to make things a bit easier and lift some burden from your shoulders. Still, you need something that will help you every day.

Another way that can help you to get through exams is to optimize your smartphone. It is hard to imagine our daily lives without mobile devices. During exams, they can be a great help and a great distraction equally. Here we present a list of tips that will help you get maximum studying efficiency from your smartphone.



First things first, you need to optimize the work of the device. Performance optimization includes clearing the smartphone’s memory, closing all the tabs and applications, which you do not use, and deleting unnecessary files. Default settings of your smartphone can deal with the task.

Modern smartphones can pull out a dozen tasks at once. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when everything works smoothly, and you will not have any issues with downloading necessary materials or studying applications.

Pop-Up Notifications

Notifications may serve as a great distraction during the exams. It may be too tempting to check a new photo on Instagram or a video from a favorite blogger. We may rely on our willpower in this matter. However, disabling notifications will be a more productive way.

You don’t have to cut all the ties and unsubscribe from your favorite social media. Mute the notifications and hide the most persistent ones from your feed.

Another way of pop-up notifications optimization is anti-social networks. These are alternative clients for popular social networks. They allow you to monitor all the messages and notifications but in invisible mode. They may come in handy when you want to be in touch and don’t want to be distracted at the same time.



Now is the right time to put the power of your smartphone to good use. The utility of applications depends on the task at hand. You need to remember that the smartphone cannot pass your exams for you. It may help you be prepared as much as possible but can’t help solve the question right when it is delivered.

Document reading

You may need reading applications that can handle different document types. The next applications may be useful:

  • ReadEra. It is a straightforward reading application that can handle all document formats, including fb2. It has easy navigation, and it finds all compatible files automatically.
  • eBoox. It is a great android reading application. It handles all the formats, is ad-free, and has a customizable interface.
  • Scribd. This application requires a monthly subscription. However, it unlocks access to an almost infinite number of useful materials. Besides all the necessities that a reading app should provide, Scribd will help you to find certified academic materials.

You will need an organizer application as well. Setting important dates, reminders to study, and study-related notifications will be much easier with a good organizer app:

  • It is a good application for creating and tracking multiple tasks. One of its most useful features is roadmap creation. It will help to divide your studying plan into segments and track its progress.
  • Todoist. Todoist is another great organizer application. It has a flexible interface and helps organize both professional and daily activities.
  • 24me. This is a great application that can be modified in many ways. It may serve as a simple calendar or have a flexible network of reminders. One of the most prominent app features is voice control, which helps make notes and set dates more easily.

Your smartphone works perfectly; you have all the necessary materials, your day is perfectly organized. However, something is still feeling off. Sometimes, we don’t have the necessary push in the right direction. The following apps will help you to catch the right, productive mood:

  • ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations. This app is a great way to set your mood right. It not only provides you with inspirational quotes but also suggests certain techniques. With ThinkUp, you will reduce the impact of negative self-talk greatly.
  • Motivate: Daily Motivation. The app is an interactive gallery of inspirational videos, including education-related. It has flexible notifications customization, which will help you to find personal motivation.
  • Habitica: Gamified Task Manager. Habitica can be both your organizer and your motivational app. You create an avatar in this application and set goals for yourself in real life. You make progress as a person and as your avatar by achieving them and unlocking new features in the app.

During preparations for the exams, it is important to remember to take breaks and do some exercises. You don’t have to perform a full-fledged training session. At the same time, a short warm-up will improve your mood and increase your overall efficiency. Here are some useful apps for that purpose:

  • 30 Day Fitness at Home. It is a great fitness app with detailed video instructions and a flexible plan for training sessions.
  • Fitness Buddy. This app combines a nutrition plan and a list of exercises. It is a great way to keep yourself energized and warmed up before long learning sessions.
  • Home Workout. The application has a great variety of exercises that can be executed at home. It fits well for breaks and stretches during studying.

Final Words

An exam period is near. Your smartphone is optimized and works perfectly. No unnecessary notifications distract you from the task at hand. Your studying plan is well optimized and achievable. You keep your motivation high and maintain an overall healthy condition. And all these marvels are possible with a single device.

All these apps serve as support but not an obligation. You don’t have to follow every entry from the list to make your smartphone optimized for studying. Find the areas in which you lag and let the necessary apps fill the gap.

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