Tips on keeping your online betting account secure

Tips on keeping your online betting account secure

One of the key elements when trying to figure out which is the best place to gamble online is the security of online casinos.

As a player, you simply can’t take any chances with gambling operators that are unable, or unwilling to provide a safe gaming environment. Finding a secure Internet casino is essential but not sufficient, as you also need to keep your online betting account secure. There are plenty of dangers lurking online and cyber criminals don’t take any breaks, so you need to be on your toes at all times.

Perks of two factor authentication

The guys at told us: “the first and most important line of defense against wrongdoers who might try to steal your funds and sensitive information is the password”. Every casino will require its players to choose one when setting up an account and we recommend new members to enter a strong password. A longer one, with special characters, digits and capital letters will be more difficult to break, so it’s well worth the effort.

In most cases, a strong password will be good enough to protect you from the malicious attempts of cyber criminals. Having said this, it is always recommended to go a step further and use the two factor authentication to protect your online betting account. This is extremely valuable if somebody finds a way of cracking your password, as they will need to also hack your smart phone. This makes it virtually impossible for the bad guys to break into your account and steal your funds or data.

Antivirus and anti-malware protection

There are other ways to protect your account and they almost always involve antivirus and anti-malware protection. Key loggers and viruses are developed by cyber criminals to break the defenses of law-abiding citizens and hurt them in different ways. The former are extremely dangerous because even if you have a strong password, the malicious app will simply copy the information and send it to its creator. Luckily, the two factor authentication will provide the needed protection in case somebody learns your password.

In order to further reduce the risks of having your online betting account hacked, you should help yourself to a potent antivirus. Free ones do a decent job, but if you want to be truly protected you shouldn’t try to cut down on costs in this regard. Instead, it is recommended to purchase a proven antivirus with a solid track record and double down with anti-malware protection. Check your computer or mobile device often for threats and act on the warnings as soon as the defensive software notifies you.

Last but definitely not least, nothing can substitute preventive action, so you need to be very careful what you download. Pay attention to the sites you visit, as sometimes the bad guys will create bogus websites that look identical to legitimate bookmakers. Don’t submit your personal information when you have second thoughts and never share your password with anyone, regardless of their arguments.

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