Tips for Marketing a Software Launch

Tips for Marketing a Software Launch

Even if your software product is one of a kind in each aspect, that will not mean much if it is not marketed properly so that people can hear all about it.

A good marketing campaign prior to the launch will make all the difference in how your prospective customers view your product. Instead of having a slow start in sales, because your customers have just heard about the software and are still assessing whether to purchase it, the sales will start the morning after the launch since the people will have already heard about it from the people they trust. Here are some tips to help you with the marketing. 

Establish your target audience 

Think about the people who would be using your software product – is it more suitable for a younger population who is more skilled with computers or can the elderly also use it? Is your product oriented towards a particular sex, or would it be appealing for all? Also, think in terms of location and decide whether only a local promotion is necessary or will it be available globally? Once you establish who your audience is, it will be easier to find a manner to approach them. For example, school children can most often be found on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, while employed adults might respond better to email marketing or promotions via LinkedIn.

Determine what sets you apart

One of the essential elements to a successful launch is to know your product’s worth and to be aware of what it is that sets you apart from your competition. Could it be that your software is more user-friendly? Or is its design responsive across all device types, as opposed to other similar products? Find those product-specific distinctions, whatever they may be, and make sure you stress them throughout the campaign. People enjoy the feeling of being special, so they wish to use something which will not only make their work and everyday life simpler but something which will make them feel exceptional as well. 

Organize an off-line event

Although your business is in the digital domain, traditional gatherings such as conferences and events, are desirable elements of your marketing strategy. This is because you give people the opportunity to meet you, ask all they might be interested in and in that manner, you create a stronger pull towards your brand. The traditional practice of handing out business cards to your guests is still an important tool in spreading awareness about your brand and products, although you need to get more creative since the product is digital. However, if you lack inspiration, or you don’t know much about business cards, luckily, printing houses have consultants who can advise you on anything from colors to textures. 

Find your spokespeople and social media influencers

When it comes to choosing the right spokespeople to handle interviews and articles, you should look into employees from different departments so as to cover a range of knowledge about your company and products. Also, don’t forget to provide them with proper training and all the necessary information. As for social media influencers, they have a very important role in your marketing strategy as well since they are the spokespeople of their generations. Many young people search for online reviews for products prior to purchasing them, and they usually have a list of profiles that enjoy their confidence. 

Plan a pre-launch giveaway

The most successful launches are those whose campaign has an air of mystery around them. Meaning, the first phase of the marketing strategy is to give the audience hints about the new product to keep them guessing. When you make the product known, that is the time for the privileged few to step up and share their experience with your software. The mentioned few chosen ones, the software’s ambassadors will get it as a gift before the launch so that they can test it and leave an online review on it. This will boost the product’s value and make people wish for the product to be on sale as soon as possible. 

Outline each step

Before you start the launch process, list each step in your marketing campaign. This is vital because it serves as the control phase before the procedure is initiated and it is the last moment to adapt or cut out something, if necessary. Also, make a detailed plan about the campaign’s duration, and don’t forget to write down all the participants and their tasks. Having a comprehensive plan will also help you stay focused and organized when the preparation anxiety kicks in and everyone around you gets nervous about their role and the tight schedule.

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