Three Ways to Boost Digital Conversion Rate in 2019

Three Ways to Boost Digital Conversion Rate in 2019

All the hard work that you put into acquiring traffic to your website via search engine optimiza-tion (SEO), pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and social media marketing efforts are for nothing if your visitors are not engaging with your website and taking the desired actions that lead to your profitability.

This article will take a look at some of the ways you can improve your online conversion rates.

Landing page optimization

Regardless of whether you are deriving your visits from organic search traffic, paid cam-paigns, or any of your social media channels, if the landing pages you are sending them to aren’t up to scratch, then you are wasting your money. Assuming that your marketing efforts are targeted and your website visitors are indeed your target audience (potential customers), then take a close look at the experience you are delivering once they land on your website. Are they getting a coherent journey that makes sense? If they are reading an advert, or a blog post, or a social media post about your service or product, and they click on a link, it’s critical that they land somewhere that is focused expressly on the following:

  • Matching their expectations. If they click on a link about one of your specific services, don’t send them directly to your homepage so they have to re-navigate to the content they expected. Send them to where the related call to action is.
  • Do you have a conversion funnel? Make sure your content is for your visitor. Ask the right questions, reduce their risk of interacting with you, and make it super easy and obvious to take the next action (convert).

Using video to convert visitors

There was a time that video wasn’t known for its conversion clout but those days are gone. Did you know that the second most popular search engine on the Internet (after you know who) is Youtube? Video consumption across the web is going crazy, with mobile video con-sumption rising by 100% every year, and 6 out of 10 people now consuming their video content online, rather than via a traditional television. Video is big. Not only can you add calls to action directly within the video itself, you can also use video to power your landing pages and in-crease conversion rates.

Experiment with re-marketing

Visitors that are targeted by re-marketing campaigns are around 70% more likely to convert into a sale or a lead than first-time ad recipients according to this data. That’s quite a lot more potential business. Re-marketing works by placing a cookie (a bit of digital code, not the dunk-in-your-coffee variety!) on a visitor’s site that gives them a gentle nudge to revisit your site and continue buying something, whilst they peruse an entirely different site. This is why those shoes you coveted on Amazon last week seem to keep popping up on every news website you visit this week. This might be a little too invasive for some folks, but it’s certainly effective at generat-ing more sales.

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There are lots of ways to boost your digital conversion rates, but it’s important to experiment, test, and measure your efforts, so that you can find out exactly what works well for you and your business.

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