The Writer's Block And How To Overcome It: An In-Depth Analysis

The Writer's Block And How To Overcome It: An In-Depth Analysis

Writer’s Block is a situation wherein the writer is unable to create original or new content in his writing. This condition can persist from a few hours to many years. There could be a multitude of reasons which can eventually hamper the creativity of professionals while they work on a given thesis or write a new book.

This can result in a lack of inspiration and zest to write in the given time-frame. But it is essential to keep the stimulation flowing and to overcome this block. There are a few writers who are prone to writer’s block, while some, luckily, may never have to experience it.

To expedite the writing process, the writer or student needs to concentrate on the topic and get rid of the hindrances that affect his thought process. It is imperative to get to the root cause of the writer’s block. 

Reasons that lead to writer's block

Let us understand the various reasons which could lead to writer’s block

1. Self-criticism and comparison to other writers:

There are times when the writer is too harsh on himself, and he indulges in self-criticism. He finds flaws in his writing technique and creates a rift in his head by comparing his work and popularity with others. There is undue pressure on the output and on meeting the deadline, and thus he fails to create anything new.

2. Lack of Internal and External motivation:

There is no purpose or excitement left in the writer’s work, and he feels demotivated, craving for encouragement in the form of praise, attention, and excitement to tell his story to others.

3. Fear:

There could be a constant fear in the writer’s head about his incapability of writing well. He may fear satisfying the reader, facing rejection from the editor or publisher, instilling creativity and innovation in his writing, and making his work likable.

4. Perfectionism:

Striving for perfection is a great stimulus, but there could be times when it hampers creativity, and it makes the writer feel that he has delivered all he could. It limits his ideas and thoughts and creates obstacles in his creative writing skills.

5. Lack of Inspiration:

Many writers feel they have written enough, or it's not the right time for them to write, or they have enough time in hand. Although there is nothing wrong with this, however, putting off the process of writing by just waiting for a new idea to strike or simply being lazy is not a good idea. There is no perfect timing for writing; it should be at the spur and should come from within.

6. Distractions:

Smartphones, family commitments, daily chores can create insurmountable blocks in writing and can tug the writer’s attention away.

7. Procrastination:

Missing deadlines, and leaving unfinished work, not paying attention to timelines, and putting off work for days, weeks, or months is procrastination, which can hamper the writer’s work.

8. Ambiance and environment:

Besides distraction, a small dingy room which isn’t well-lit can hamper the writer from writing innovative content and can create a block in his skills. A poor environment instills stagnancy and unproductivity in the writer.

9. Exhaustion and Medical issues:

Working for long hours without rest may result in fatigue, which may make the writer incapable of supplying fresh ideas. This is common in academic writing. 

Health issues can also meddle with the thinking process of the writer. The poor health of a writer mitigates his cognitive skills and creates writer’s block.

How to Overcome the Writer’s Block

Many feel that writer’s block is a genuine disorder, whereas others feel it's just a phase that will soon fade away. But people suffering from it need to work hard to overcome this painful condition, and they must follow a few rules to get rid of this writer’s block:

1. Build a conducive environment and get rid of distractions

It is important to get rid of factors that can distract a writer and to find a placid place where he can put his thoughts together and write peacefully. He should sleep, eat, relax, walk, exercise, and meditate and find inner serenity to write impeccably with zest and enthusiasm.

2. Act as your own audience

The writer must put himself in the readers’ shoes and write accordingly. He must indulge in goal-directed writing, lowering his materialistic expectations and occasionally reward himself. He needs to be kind to himself and balance his inner critic.

3. Thorough Research on the subject matter

It is imperative that the writer concentrates on the subject matter, analyze the characters well, avoid starting from the beginning, and visualize his work. He should indulge in mind-mapping and create powerful ideas for his content.

4. Make a stringent schedule and follow it.

The writer must practice mindfulness and unclutter his mind by following a diligent writing schedule. It is substantial to find his prime time – which could be early morning or mid-night as per his convenience, alertness, and choice.

5. Visit your fantasyland

The writer needs to put his ideas together and indulge in creative and innovative imagination and assumptions. This will help him discover his thoughts and put them across well in the written form.

6. Get Support

The writer can get technical support with the help of available software, book writing app, and relevant feedback from honest professionals. Brainstorming sessions will help him enhance his skills and work on his creativity better.

7. Assess past performances 

The writer needs to pat his back once in a while by assessing his past performances, feats, and accolades as a writer. He should be motivated and encouraged by evaluating his victories as a writer and should work diligently on his new project.

8. Assess the root cause of the writer’s block

The writer must identify the obstructions that stop him from being creative. If need be, he should take a break and disconnect from the distracting world. He can revisit his ideas by applying traditional methods of writing, like using Paper and Pencil.

9. Read stories, Listen to Music, and watch movies.

It is a great idea to adopt tips and techniques by appreciating other forms of art, whether it is valuing a beautiful painting, watching a great movie, or listening to good music. Reading also helps immensely as it can generate productive writing ideas.

10. Make a list of your feelings and assess your strengths and weaknesses.

The writer must pen down his fears and hurdles on a piece of paper and cross out things that he can eliminate. He must re-evaluate his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

11. Write in a flow and edit later.

The writer must indulge in free writing techniques without immediately editing his content. Expurgation can be done at leisure. The idea is to get the thought flowing and on paper so that the content can be effectively put together, spawning a marvelous output.

12. Follow the basic steps to write a book

There are various steps that can be followed by the writer to write appropriately like:

  • The writer must find his big idea and research the genre he is proficient in
  • Understand the market and reader demands and create an outline and writing structure
  • Frame a beginning, middle, and end and understand the characters.
  • Set up a productive space and track his progress
  • Have a strong beginning and focussed pacing techniques. One can use a writing tool to reduce flowery language and can use writing software as well.


There could be good and bad days of writing for a writer. Very conveniently, we term the ineffective capacity of the writer as the writer’s block. 

There are many ways to get rid of the passive approach. Within a few minutes, with a change of mindset, one can be as efficient a writer as he has always been. 

The writer must follow the strategy that works the best for him and stick to it. It’s his job to turn around, write well, and share his brilliance and creativity with the readers. Words will come quickly and easily, and the writer will eventually experience the joy of filling a blank page.

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