The Business of Natural Products: How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

The Business of Natural Products: How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Natural products are everywhere, but how do you make sure you get to the top of the social media pile using the right techniques for an ethical brand?

The market for natural products is booming every single year. The demand for inauthentic processed products from food to beauty cosmetics demands that the audience knows where the product comes from before they purchase it. We live in an ethical society, one that is focused on carbon footprints and miles traveled. But we're also so obsessed with what we put into our bodies. When there is a natural product being sold, social media is one of the most important places to get a following, not just for the brand, but is a perfect way to show how a natural product can make an impact in a forever woke world. Let's show you some approaches to how social media can gather you those all-important followers.

Consistency in Image

When you decide on the type of persona your brand needs to convey, this has to stay across all media channels. Building your brand persona through social media posts using cohesive hashtags, content, and graphics pulls it all together.


When you are promoting a product that is new on the scene, a famous consumer is an amazing way to bring people to your brand. This is where you can make the choice of the type of influence so you are able to engage with them better.

When you are promoting a basic product, you can aim for a mega influencer who are people like Kylie Jenner or you can go down the ladder to the micro-influencer. Ultimately, you need to choose the influencer that is best able to convey your product in simple terms. A product like a lemon deodorant is going to be far more impactful if you go through an influencer who has a reach in the organic or natural cosmetics market. This does give you a wide variety of options to choose from. You could try beauty bloggers, but you could also go for the health-conscious individual.

Say Relevant and Relatable

The cardinal sin of failing to be relatable and relevant in your social media tactics will lose you followers. In the business of natural products aligning yourself with ethical causes can be one way for you to keep your ear to the ground.

When it comes to promoting a product that is ethical, you have to remember that it needs to comply with the FDA. When you want to promote an ethical and natural product, you have to remember that you follow the FDA guidance to the letter of the law. This is one aspect that will appeal to ethical followers on social media. But in addition, you need to go back to that idea of consistency and not mix your marketing messages. By continuously updating your tactics to remain relevant, whether this is by interacting with a customer or using analytics to ensure you are getting the message across to the right people, these are integral to promoting your business on social media.

The natural market has exploded over the last few years. It's partly to do with ethics, but it's also about people wanting to look after themselves more. By providing value with natural products, in conjunction with a relevant marketing campaign to engage your followers, while also emphasizing important topics like social justice, you will start to engage the right people.

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