The Importance of Instagram Likes In Your Brand's Online Promo Strategy

The Importance of Instagram Likes In Your Brand's Online Promo Strategy

Incorporaring Instagram into one's social media strategy is a good idea for any business or brand. Getting Likes on the platform is just as important for exposure however, online promotion isn't simply about buying followers to give viewers the impression of subscriber engagement. There's much more to it than that

With over a billion users - about half of which, using the platform daily - the photo and video sharing, social media app, Instagram should be a definite no-brainer for any social media marketing executive, or entrepreneur with a product or service to sell. In fact, the platform claims that 90% of it's users follow at least one brand (that's 900 million-odd people,) and 83% of Instagram users have discovered a new product or service, on the platform. Adding your brand/business to the 25 million business profiles already gaining visibility on the platform is probably a good idea.

Having set up your profile, you will then be faced with the cumbersome task of promoting it to your audience. You have to increase the number of users engaging with your page, but you ought to be careful how you approach this particular question. Nowadays, there are a myriad of promo services to help you convince technical algorithms, as well as real Instagram users, that your profile has some clout, and is actually worth a follow.

You're probably wondering where to begin your arduous journey to social media engagement heavyweight status, or whether, or not, buying Instagram likes is the best approach. The answer is: a chance to buy Instagram likes shouldn’t be taken as a single option that will change everything for you: try a complex strategy, and develop your account from many sides, including likes, purchasing premade accounts with followers and comments numbers on it from marketplaces like AccsMarket or any other reputable ones.

If your Instagram account has a low engagement count - near-zero followers, likes, or comments - and you would like to engage an audience greater than your most supportive family members and friends, don't copy the big firms. They (firms like Coca-Cola, and fashion brand, Calvin Klein, who have run widely successful campaigns on Instagram) have professional teams managing their Instagram accounts, a far bigger war chest (money,) and drive their strategies towards attracting a lot of users, fast. So they buy a lot of likes.

You'll need a measured, and less aggressive approach to growing your Instagram audience engagement, and likes-count. You want to offer the impression of organic growth, by increasing your engagement levels in a gradual, and stable fashion. This is something one ought to keep in mind while picking out the Thumbs Up package that best suits their needs.

We would also like to suggest that you discuss your needs and intentions with your potential promo company's managers before placing an order for a promo package. A lot of people often choose the wrong packages, due to not properly understanding their promotional needs. A little research and a conversation, or two, with some promo managers ought to help one develop a more complete picture of what it is, they wish their marketing campaigns to accomplish, and what the right approach toward that goal is.

If we may, we could point you in the right direction, in terms of the best resource for top grade social media promo services - Soclikes.

Soclike have, and continue to, work with an international team of talent in the online promo services market for over 6 years, and have developed the expertise to deliver a service that leaves our customers satisfied.

Why Opt For Us, & Not The Other Firms A Simple Google Search Offers Up?

First of all, they provide 100% real likes. The likes on your account will come from actual people who use Instagram. They have real accounts, with real personalities. What's more, they generate content of their own - posts, videos, pics, comments. This convinces Instagram's algorithms that your account already has a good amount of engagement, which will push it up the platform's ranks, thus putting it in front of more eyes.

Secondly, they offer a number of great discounts. Most of the packages that are available on their website are already discounted, so you can conveniently start developing your content. What does that mean, you ask? They have created social media pages, and channels on popular messengers, where they inform clients of all sales and package updates that will help them easily, and quickly generate social media promo content.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, they have a permanent technical support team, available to their clients day and night. If you experience any issues, a sudden drop in likes, or any of the other issues that may occur during online promotion, you can ask for support. Simply submit a request for help, either through chat on, or via email - found in the 'contacts' section on our website. Their friendly managers are always on call to assist you in getting your promotional campaign on track.

If you opt for quality promo services, the development process shouldn't be time, or labour intensive. Basically, what you'll need to do  is find a service that offers decent promo options (luckily, you've already found one,) pick the best package for your needs (you can do it yourself, or speak to one of our managers for advice,) and pay for your package of choice (we off a host of convention convenient payment methods, from cryptocurrency, to PayPal , to Visa and MasterCard payments.) From that point, all you'll need to do is sit back and watch the engagement values increase on your profile. We're here to give you 24/7 assistance, whenever you need it.

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