The Importance of Effective Web Hosting for SaaS, Mobile Apps and Other Developments

The Importance of Effective Web Hosting for SaaS, Mobile Apps and Other Developments

While the focus with web development tends to be on the code and features, the web hosting behind the scenes is often an afterthought.

This is a mistake that comes around to become a painful one by not seeing the wood for the trees.
In this article, we look at the connection between web hosting, SaaS, mobile apps and websites to understand why it’s so vital.

Web Hosting for Websites

The web hosting needed for a basic website is different to cloud hosting. For websites that don’t receive many concurrent visitors, a shared hosting package is often enough to deliver value. The resources are more limited on servers used for shared packages which host a greater number of sites. While they aren’t as fast as a VPS or a dedicated server, they’re still very useful for smaller sites that don’t require much power under the server’s hood.
There’s also the option to upgrade to a VPS server later. These use a virtualized platform to provide individual virtual servers which offer improved features like root access and the ability to upgrade resources quickly. Hosting customers can pick the virtual server’s specifications allowing them to pick the faster or slower option. VPS servers can scale up or down as the requirements of the website demand it too. Guide to read: Arvixe Reviews with Page Speed & Uptime Data (2021).

Cloud Hosting and Why it Matters

When it comes to web hosting, cloud hosting is growing in popularity because it’s suitable for SaaS applications. The different traffic demands throughout the day, especially with the global use of SaaS apps, require servers that can handle users at any time of the day.
A load balancing router is required at the web host to divide up the traffic in a meaningful way between several servers. With traffic shared between multiple web servers, it avoids a busy SaaS failing to load, which would frustrate users. It both has spare capacity when the SaaS is less busy and can handle traffic surges too.

What Solutions Mobile Apps May Require

Mobile apps that run on a flexible mobile architecture and use familiar operating systems like iOS and Android deliver valuable solutions to mobile users. They often use offline or online storage along with hosted content.
Some advanced mobile app solutions for corporations require them to log in to a customer’s account. This sees the app accessing the main company’s website or a separate version of it to look up the information required. While sometimes, the information shown is just to update the customer, some apps may need to offer the ability to update information inside the app too.
Some apps will use flat-file systems to store information. Others will communicate with MySQL databases or SQL Server ones. Both of these come with Linux or Windows-based hosting plans. Alternatively, some mobile apps make use of Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to store customer information, backup app settings, and more.
Using high-quality web hosting is very important for any web site, SaaS, or mobile app. Losing a potential customer because they couldn’t load a page on the website or were unable to login to the app means a lost customer. Avoid this costly situation by investing in better hosting solutions.

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