The Good and The Bad of Link Building

The Good and The Bad of Link Building

When you’re in the field of SEO, you might always come across the term “link building.” Link building in its simplest terms is the act of acquiring backlinks for your website.

Traffic is everything on the internet, and that’s why people find ways to build links. One good way to make links is to create and produce high quality and relevant content on your site so search engines would rank you better, and people would want to read it. Another way is to let influencers talk about you or your company so that you can reach out to their audience. There are so many ways to build links, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about the good and the bad of link building.

The Good of Link Building

Link Building Brings Traffic

If there’s growth in your traffic, there’s growth in your leads, and if there’s growth in your leads, there would be growth in your wallet. If you’re doing link building, you’re making your website visible. If you’re doing link building right, it will ultimately bring more traffic than your wallet can handle.

Link Building Increases Awareness And Credibility

Admit it or not, you’d feel more secure working with someone recommended by someone prominent, even if you barely know them, over someone who doesn’t have anyone promoting them. And this is true in the internet world, the more links coming from essential websites or pages, the more reliable and credible you’ll look.

Link Building Would Help You Rank Better In Google Search

There are thousands of websites out there; a tendency is that one or two would be promoting the same content as you. So how do you compete with them? Did you know one of the factors that Google includes in their decision for search engine ranking is the popularity of your link? So, for your content to rank better, you need to have a link building strategy.

Link Building Would Help Your Site To Be Indexed By Google Quickly

When starting a new business, one of the most challenging things to do is to get recognized by Google. And nobody likes to be ignored by Google. Having a link building strategy would make Google easily index you since their bots usually add the links they find on other websites to their of a list of sites to be crawled on.

The Bad Of Link Building

Link Building Is Time Consuming

You don’t get popularity overnight, and Google won’t just hand it to you. Link building takes time; you need to sit down, track down websites that you can link to, contact these sites, and so much more. So, if you’re impatient and want an instant solution, building links is not for you.

Link Building Requires You To Reciprocate

If you’re going to ask other sites to send links back to your site, they would probably ask the same from you. There’s a tendency that when doing this, people who visit your site would find sites that you’ve linked to more interesting or useful. To avoid your visitors getting pulled out from your site, you would need to ensure that your website can compete with other sites.

Link Building Can Affect Your Rankings

Link Building affects Rankings

If you have links to sites that have poor rankings, there’s an unfortunate tendency that you might get pulled down as well. So, you need to be careful where you put your links and avoid creating pages for the sole purpose of leaving your links there.

Link Building Can Be Your Friend, But It Can Also Be Your Enemy

Link building is very beneficial if used wisely, but when you’ve abused the tool, you can be penalized or even thrown out by Google. So, you need to be very careful with using your link building strategy: you need to make sure that each website that you link to is relevant to your site or content.

Should I Still Have A Link Building Strategy?

The answer to this is a big ‘Yes’! Even though there are bad things about link building, the good still outweighs them. Yes, link building takes time, but link building would bring you traffic that no amount of time can ever give. Yes, you have to give back, but it’s a small price to pay for getting credibility and awareness. Yes, it may pull you down, but when done right, it can push you so far up. And yes, it might be your enemy, but when tamed, it’s a friend that would help you get the benefits you wanted. If you use link building wisely, it can be one of your best weapons in the world of internet.

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Aaron Gray
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