The Best Tech to Enhance Your Life

The Best Tech to Enhance Your Life

It’s fair to say that US consumers love their tech and gadgets.

In 2019, the US consumer electronics industry is expected to be worth 301 billion US Dollars, that’s almost double its value in 2009 when it was still worth a huge 169 billion US Dollars.
Part of the reason for the increase in interest is the vast range of tech and gadgets that are now available to buy in the market. Some tech is functional and useful, whereas some of it is (at best) questionable. Here’s a quick rundown of the best tech in 3 different categories that will enhance your life.

In Your Home

  • Smart Lightbulbs – Getting up to hit the light switch getting you down? Fear not, you can now buy Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs which can be controlled directly from your smartphone. In reality, they are used for more than just turning your lights on and off. You can also set schedules and dim the lights all from the app or connect them to your Amazon Alexa for voice-controlled lighting.
  • Wireless Phone Chargers – If your phone already supports wireless charging, you will know the convenience of not having to unplug and plug-in every time you step 5ft away from the charger. If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, then the good news is you can still benefit. Mophie has a new wireless charger pack that enables your non-wireless charging phone to be used with a wireless charge base.

At the Office

  • Virtual Assistants – Amazon Alexa and Google Home are starting to become a lot more useful in what they can offer. Among the list of valuable activities a virtual assistant can provide, some useful ones for the office are setting alarms for meetings or calls, creating lists and providing real-time information such as news headlines, weather, and traffic reports. New models also let you make video calls too.
  • Wireless Headphones – If you work in an open office space, then having a pair of kids headphones can be a real lifesaver. There is a range of wireless headphones on the market to choose from, including, in-ear, on-ear, over-ear, and noise canceling. Whichever you choose, a wireless pair is the first choice for many people. You can move freely around the office without having to unplug, and the battery life of the mid-high-end wireless headphones are really impressive.

In Your Car

  • Aftermarket Sound System – If you have an older car or aren’t happy with the sound in your current one, then you can upgrade it with an aftermarket sound system. Stereos, speakers and subwoofers can all be added for your listening pleasure. A specialist retailer like will be able to help when choosing the best components to include in your new system.
  • An Electric Car – Maybe you’re just not happy with your car. The ultimate tech purchase could well be an electric car like a Tesla. The tech in electric vehicles has come a long way over the past few years with the new Model X now able to cover 325mi before needing a recharge. They also come with a host of gadgets inside like massive touch screens and smart driving aids.

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