How to Choose a Technology Stack for Web Application Development

How to Choose a Technology Stack for Web Application Development

The task of choosing a tech stack for web app development is no child’s play. Are you entirely aware of the conventions? Read this blog for insights and suggestions.

Technology has come a long way with remarkable advancements in the field of IT, Management, Retail Marketing, Education, and more. You don’t need struggle standing in a queue endless hours to pay electricity bills. There are dedicated bill payment applications and other online platforms available these days. Simply click on a few online tabs, and you are done.
Besides that, students across the globe are no longer required to rely on class notes and private tutors. If they have a critical academic question to be solved, they would rather opt for an assignment help application in order to have all queries resolved on the go and within the minimum period of time.
It is to be noted that modern technology and web applications go hand in hand. If you want to order food online, there’s Uber Eats at the rescue. In case you are looking for the latest news online, you get BBC News, the CNN app and the likes. Now, the question is, who develops such heavy-duty web applications and how? There are web developers dedicated to designing and running online applications with the help frameworks and set of tools known as Technology Stack.
However, fostering the potential of a tech stack is no cakewalk for a developer. He/she needs to follow a few conventions to pick and utilise the right stack. Your choice of web tech stack would determine how the app is going to be developed, run and maintained.
Let’s focus on the key aspects one must cover in order to pick the right web technology stack.

Consider the complexity and size of the project

You need to identify the number of components that are involved in the development of a Web application. So, take note of the following aspects you would require to meet in order to choose an ideal technology stack.

Smaller applications and MVPs

You will find some interactivities, basic online stores and landing pages in most of the cases. While these types of apps can be built using CMS platforms like WordPress, using a Tech stack has its own significance. It comprises of both frontend and backend, ensuring better performance, safety, usability and a unique touch and feel.
The experts are of the opinion that new technology stacks would work perfectly fine in this case. There are two ways of creating such applications.
Let’s take a look at the same.

  • Stack based on Ruby on Rails.
  • Stack based on JavaScript.
  • Stack tech based on NodeJS and Vue.js

Medium Apps

Medium apps refer to the applications with many more features like full-fledged E-commerce stores enterprise-grade apps. Are you aware of the latest behind the scene actions going on in this space? It is said that the newest tech stack is solely based on JavaScript and can be implemented in the projects for greater usability and enhanced performance.

Large-sized Apps

The large-sized applications comprise built-in analytics, several third-party integrations and custom features. Talking of large applications, social networks, HR software and international marketplaces get a special mention. In case you are looking for ideas to leverage the potential of technology stack for complex web apps, follow these steps.

  • Make sure that the technology stacks used behind large-sized web applications are speedy, easy to maintain, available and of course, scalable.
  • Remember, each component of the stack is required to be picked by the software development team in order to meet all technical requirements perfectly.

Determine the budget prior to choosing a stack

Determine Application Budget

The cost of development certainly plays a crucial role when it comes to roping in the potential of high-end technology stacks. Unless you have a well-defined budget or an estimated cost of development, coming up with a perfectly developed web application will be a difficult job.
Take note of the following suggestions to determine the perfect budget.

  • Hire professional business analysts to help you with project estimation. They are said to be dedicated to finding the best solutions within the proposed budget.
  • Keep an eye on the industry insights and keep track of the latest price tags attached to the professional tech stack development projects.

Make sure you are meeting the aspect of security

High-end authentication and other methods of web app authorization are of utmost value when it comes to determining the right technology stack. Also, the entire app development process must not leave loose ends, thus allowing an entry point for external attackers.
This makes it important for the developers to follow all security protocols and best practices during the process of web app development. As a result, it would keep the possibilities of attack vector hiding within the code and other vulnerabilities at check.

Prioritize licensing and implement open-source solutions

Consider implementing open source solutions when deciding on an ideal technology slack for web applications. Open-source technologies are always evolving as many enterprises are using the OpenStack platforms to build and manage cloud computing systems and other applications.
Apart from that, open-source solutions are said to be free of charge and come with unlimited modifications. As a result, it ensures lower development costs during the initial stage and lesser maintenance cost down the road.

Do not overlook the process of bug testing

Determine Development Budget

Reportedly, the biggest bugs in production are the codes that are broken or untested. So, you should consider the process of bug testing seriously.
Here’s how.

  • Leverage the potential of several test automation frameworks like RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, and more.
  • Use high-end apps like, Appium and Test Studio to ensure high-quality app developments with a minimum number of bugs.
  • Consider Test Driven Technologies (TDD) if you have a web application prototype with structured components carrying a clear definition.

Now that you know how to pick and utilise a technology stack for web application development, determine the ones that suit your industry or the genre of application development. I would suggest meeting each of the aforementioned aspects during the developmental phase to run all apps seamlessly with technical lags kept to a minimum.
Good luck!

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Shirley Brown
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