The Best Monitors for Trading Reviewed

The Best Monitors for Trading Reviewed

While commencing your trading journey, you may want to start with cheaper options of accessing money markets such as phones. These can serve you for a while, but trading is a competitive venture which requires seriousness.

By taking financial markets seriously, it means that you are better off buying the highest-performing monitor you can get. If you are wondering why this is the case, imagine having to flip through tens of tabs on your phone simultaneously, tracking data. 

Apart from wasting time doing that, your device may freeze or slow down performance because of the overwhelming load. The ultimate result of this is you making uninformed decisions and losing investments or not trading at all. Lucky for you, we have made a list of the best Trading Computers that you can use for your 6 monitor setup.

Any monitor can help you get information on price history, market trends, and so on. However, having a 4 or 6 monitor setup will give you a wider display from which you can make informed trading decisions. Having multiple monitors is not a guarantee for success. You need to research the best monitors to buy to effectively conduct your trading. Fortunately, you do not have to lift a finger on this. We have identified the best monitors for your trading needs as reviewed by key industry players:

LG 43UD79-B

Ranked at the top as the best option for professional trading, this UHD monitor has a 42.5-inch huge screen and excellent color accuracy. With this, you can comfortably view and compare several charts side by side and not worry about display or viewing angles.  Your graphs, images, and charts will be crisp clear, and sharp, giving you an excuse not to buy extra monitors.  If you are an IPS panel lover, then you would love this monitor. This is because of its vividly detailed image display, brightness, and contrast levels.

Who wouldn’t want to have a single monitor that can display better than a 6 monitor setup with tiny screens? The screen split feature can enable you to view several windows simultaneously. You don't get reflections on it due to the matte anti-glare finishing.

Samsung S34J55W

If ultra-wide monitors are your ideal trading screens, then your search stops here. Coming second in our list but ranked the best ultra-wide monitor in trading, this 34 inch VA panel beauty has a 3440x1440 super widescreen. You will have a field day with this monitor. This is because it has a blue light filter to protect your eyes

This monitor would surely stand out even from a 6 monitor setup. It can accommodate everything from trading charts, to games and multimedia. The image quality is on point because of the great contrast levels; yielding rich and vivid charts, pictures and graphs. . Among other wide monitor types, this brand is the cheapest and can multitask efficiently.

BenQ GW2780

Imagine having an IPS panel monitor that has consistent accurate colors with just the right levels of brightness and contrast; all at an affordable price. BenQ GW2780 monitors are beautifully designed, trading monitors that are ideal for watching stock news. This monitor has been rated the most budget-friendly screen for viewing stock trades. Your multi-monitor build cannot be perfect without it. Whether it is a dual monitor, 4 monitors,s or 6 monitor setup, you need not worry about affordability. It caters to the needs of all consumers regardless of the hours of viewing with its eye-friendly flicker-free design.

HP VH240a

We cannot talk about trading monitors without mentioning the HP VH240a. Because of its sleek design, great image quality, and fully ergonomic stand, you get why it is the best value for money trading monitor. This masterpiece is a 23.8 inch full HD resolution screen. This screen can transform your 6 monitor setup into a well-built trading station. It is another IPS panel marvel with a quality build and sturdy stand that can function in any workspace. If you are using this for your graphs and charts, rest assured that the pixel density delivers sharp images.


The Asus VZ239H-W is a 23 inch IPS panel, full HD monitor that is pretty decent for trading stocks. It guarantees incredible picture quality that gives your images, graphs, and charts more vivid detail. The pixel density is satisfactory, making the panel consistency of the ASUS VZ239H-W great. Apart from its stylish design, this monitor will protect your eyes, even if you have been looking at its screen for hours. The frameless-looking design can give you a seamless 4 to 6 monitor setup and even impress you in the case of more monitors. To crown it all, it is affordable and simple enough for beginners in trading.

Final Thoughts

When buying monitors for trading, you cannot have either of them failing you at your highest point of need. Due to the large amounts of data being transferred to your screens, you need to have the best monitor at your service. For stock trading monitors, the most important features are the size, resolution, and flicker-free technology. These are the most sensitive points of concern because you need good image quality, size advantage, and eye-sensitive features for high performance.

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