Team building fosters greater employee productivity - Know-how!

Team building fosters greater employee productivity - Know-how!

In the dog eat dog world, having people who understand each other's strengths and weaknesses to support each other to work together and produce better results is a rare thing to find.

Well, this is the magic that the concept of team building spreads with its implementable team building activities. Many company owners find it difficult to manage their team as they make no efforts to help their employees understand each other which thus results in employee burnouts. 

They fail to recognize that if their team competes internally than the output that they are expecting from them as a group will never be achieved because the results that you can get by the combined efforts of the team members can never be achieved by their individual, in fact, it may even affect the productivity and the quality of the final product.

Well, for all those employers who are in dilemma about the change that team building programs can bring in the organization, get ready to get surprising results from your team as by the end of the article you will be clear about the need for the same in your company. 

Let's start with the simple definition;

What is team building and why does a company need it?

Team building is a process or an effort made by the company authorities with the aim to build stronger teams by indulging the team members into certain team building activities. These activities are designed in a way that can help to build coordination and understanding among people working together along with improving their productivity to make each employee stronger individually. 

Moving to the next question, why is team building important for a company?

Your employees are working day in and day out in the cubical focusing hard on the said deadlines and the work deliveries. The everyday work process might make them feel rusted and thus reduce productivity. 

Moreover, your team might constitute of many different personalities working together for the same goals, chances of them having internal disputes and disagreements in their tasks is a common issue to have, but these issues, if not solved, might greatly affect the results and overall company environment. 

Organizing team building activities in the company might help you get happier employees which can yield some unimaginable results for a company.

But how exactly this team-building process benefits the employee's productivity? Let me help you throw some light on its benefits. 

Know how can small team building activities add up to the employee's productivity 

  • The feedback process 

Making your employees share their views on the working culture of the company or their suggestion on each other's work process while working together as a team is a very useful activity to do. 

This process helps to break the silence between the team members and let them share their perspectives for each other's work. The suggestions given by their mates will encourage them to work on themselves to bring out a better version of them. 

  • Idea Sharing: 

The activities like these make the most introverted person in the room speak up and share their knowledge with his/her counterparts about their niche. Letting your team talk to each other openly about the ideas and knowledge they have, brings in a sense of understanding about each other's grip over the subject and also imparts knowledge to keep the team updated with the moving trends in the industry.

Moreover, this also helps to build confidence in the less talkative people in the crew to open up to speak their minds out. 

  • Activities that promote team coordination 

Team coordination is only achieved when everyone in the team knows how the other ones are going to reflect a certain action and what's their pace of reaction to the sudden things that happen whether it's about the work or the real-life situations. 

This level of understanding can only be achieved when these working players are made to play real games that need combined efforts to make the team win. Many outdoor activities, sports like cricket and tug of war are some basic games to play, while many team building services come up with great ideas of indoor team building activities to play inside the workspace in the office environment. 

  • Thanksgiving activity 

Employee bonding plays a larger part in the employee retention rate of any company. Any organization having the team members who are emphatically connected with each other with any kind of bond or relationship or deep-rooted friendships tend to stay a longer time with the company.

These bonds are only formed when people working together values each other's efforts in making the team better. Like appreciating the efforts of others that made them settled down easily in the team to work better. Words like "Thank you", "Well-done", or "Sorry", play a major role in building bonds. Arranging a thanksgiving session every now and then can give your employees a chance to thank the people who have helped them grow thus creating a friendly environment in the cubical. 

Finally moving to the final aspect of the article, let's know after making these all efforts of arranging different programs, what is the outcome that makes these thoughts of team building worthwhile? 

Outcomes of performing team building activities

  • Help create respect for each other
  • Motivate their mate to give their best
  • Build-in sense of individual responsibility
  • It keeps the team spirits
  • Improves team coordination and problem-solving skills

Summing Up

A small company becomes an enterprise only when the people working in it have the passion to work together to make it a success. Employees play a major role to build a company, similarly, the individual development of any employee depends on which kind of company they are working in, here the company culture and the people working with them play an important role. 

So as the company growth is indirectly connected with the development of the employees taking steps that improve their productivity becomes a must. Above mentioned reasons clearly define how planning some team building events or investing after the team can yield better results.

So if you are a smart company owner, you would have probably understood the importance of team building. So don't let your employees lose their creative side, bring in a sense of collaboration and team spirit to make people work together for a venture to get success.

Posted by James Vargas

James Vargas
James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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