Startup Financing Options: How to Fund Your Small Business

Startup Financing Options: How to Fund Your Small Business

Are you looking for ways to fund your business? Starting a business is a good way to become financially independent. Learn how you can raise business capital as quickly as possible.

After more than a decade, you finally grew tired of being an employee. You decided to start your own business. You’re all set with a business plan and all, but you are finding it hard to find an investor. You need other means to finance your business. Don’t fret, as there are various ways to raise that capital quickly. These include borrowing money from lending companies, family and friends, and even strangers. You can even tap your 401(k).

Lending Companies

There are various types of small business loans that you can get from lending companies in Utah. Signature loans, for instance, let you borrow cash with ease. There's no need for credit checks; all it requires is a signature to get the startup fund you need. Like in other short-term loans, you need to pay the principal and interest to get out of your debt.

Families and Friends

Asking families and friends to finance your business is common among startups owners. After all, they will be the first people to believe in your vision and your ability to make that vision a reality. While this method is effective, it may jeopardize personal relationships with them. So, how do you avoid it?
Be ready to show how serious you are with the business before approaching them. To do this, you must prepare a business plan. It should outline formal financial projections and evidence-based assessments.
This business plan will give them a clear idea of where the investment is going. Aside from that, they will know when they can have their money back. But most importantly, they will know the risks involved when they invest.


Aside from families and friends, you can also ask strangers to fund your business. Crowdfunding sites allow people to pledge money on a project or cause they like. You have to set a goal for how much money you need to raise within a certain period. For instance, you are raising $2500 for 30 days. Strangers can use the site to pledge money.
However, you have to give back to people who will pledge on your project. It is a common practice for project-creators to offer incentives in return. This can be simple items such as books, or even better, free samples of your products.


It’s time to put those years of employment into good use. It’s time to tap into your 401(k) to finance your business. Using your retirement plan is simple. But you’ll need a legal professional, as it involves setting up a C corporation. Once you established the corporation, it needs to adopt a profit-sharing retirement plan. In simpler terms, the corporations will have cash on hand that you can use to fund a business. However, you should take note of the risks that come with this method. Losing your business means losing your retirement plan as well.
If you can’t find an investor, the above methods should suffice. Keep these methods in mind to raise the capital you need as soon as possible. Soon, it will be a dream come true for you. You can finally quit your job and be your own boss in your own company.

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