Common SEO mistakes that people are making without knowing the consequences!

Common SEO mistakes that people are making without knowing the consequences!

Common SEO mistakes that people are making without knowing the consequences!

Many business owners are doing many SEO mistakes that can ruin the website ranking.

With each passing day, SEO is becoming more and more complex. No doubt that your SEO experts are making their hard efforts to rank your website but still, if your website is not performing well then you should know about these common SEO mistakes.

SEO mistakes that are you making!!!

Slower loading speed

Sometimes because of coding or designing impact, the loading speed of the website diminishes. Then it takes longer for visitors to visit your website, therefore, they jump on to the competitor’s website. Hence increasing the bouncing rate of the website. Make sure that the loading speed of the website is less than 5 seconds. If it is greater than 5 then you might need to review your website. It is human nature that they want everything within seconds when they click on a button. If your website does not offer the result, it will ruin their web surfing experience. Page load speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches is really very crucial. If your website is 1 second slow then it will drop out 7% of your customers. We know how one second can make this difference, it is the fact andafter this fact, you might understand the importance of the page loading speed.
So, in the end, make sure that your website is fully optimized to offer great web surfing experience to all your customers. If your page speed is 3 seconds then it is great, if it lies between 3 to 5 seconds then it is an average loading speed while if it is more than 5 seconds then you should contact your web developer immediately to get a solution immediately.

No redirects to the new website

This is the most common mistakethat business owner does. Many times, businesses need to perform website migration because of lot of reasons. In such a case, redirects to new website become really very important else it can impact the traffic coming on your website. If you do not redirect your new website, then finding your website URL becomes difficult for both search engine as well as users. Remember that the days have gone when customers need to reach you. Now, companies have to reach to their customers. So, it is your responsibility to be there when your customer is trying to find you. If you don’t redirect your website, then your new website will take months to reach the same place. So, if you don’t want to lose your business revenue then don’t make this mistake and take your business to a new level.

Not informing your SEO experts about some major changes to your website

This is another one of the most common mistakes that business owners are making and that makes them lags behind of the other websites. Any major changes done by the website developer can impact the website traffic as well as its ranking. It will leave a huge impact on SEO report; therefore, it is your responsibility to inform your SEO experts about the major changes made by the website developer to your website. It is very important to keep in the loop and to inform everyone working on the website about any kind of changes.

Lack of quality content

Bad content quality is one of the most crucial reasons that make you lag behind to your competitors in terms of ranking and traffic. Therefore, creating quality content by researching well is the need of every website that is engaging and appealing for customers. Content is the king of the website. If your website is containing top-notch content then nothing can stop your website from getting higher ranking and higher traffic, therefore, you will have enhanced revenue. On the other hand, if there is the bad quality of content that is not even relevant to your website then it will directly degrade the user’s experience on their website, and they will jump onto the other websites to get the relevant information. Your content is your sales person that will let your potential customers know about your product and services so it should be of higher quality.
So, if you want to have a great SEO report with improved ranking, higher traffic and revenue then you have to avoid these common mistakes.

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