Social Media Report from Netbase Analyzes It All

Social Media Report from Netbase Analyzes It All

Social media marketing is a fairly new discipline.

As a result, the workings of this discipline can prove fairly opaque for lay-people who lack specialized knowledge. A social media report is a crucial document people use to detail how well their marketing efforts are working. Whether you are reporting to a boss or a client, the social media report (SMR) is important for demonstrating you are doing your job. Though some people prepare SMRs quarterly, it is more typical to send out these reports on a monthly basis. Whatever time frame you select, maintain consistency so that your reports are adequately reliable.

While writing each report, include performance metrics that are relevant and easy to comprehend. If you include too much information in your SMR, the document can become cumbersome and long-winded. Choosing the right metrics for your report is as much an art as it is a science. After all, marketing ROI is typically affected by time lag. Nevertheless, here are a number of metrics you can use to present a rough picture of how your marketing is impacting various socal media channels. Here are some of the metrics commonly used in SMRs:

The number of times the target brand is mention during conversations on social channel

When this number goes up, it's a sure sign that the brand is achieving greater visibility in the consciousness of the public. During this time of omnipresent marketing, achieving greater visibility is often quite difficult. The social media report can provide you with much-needed guidance on how to improve your marketing campaign and optimize it for these changing times.

The number of social media followers for your brand or company

Although it is important to increase this number, you naturally don't want to use any cheap shortcuts to achieve higher numbers. Too many people have purchased "followers" through back channels only to find disappointment. All too often, purchases like this produce inflated, fake follower counts that don't stand up under scrutiny.

The number of page likes

When people are looking at your various brand pages and profiles on social media, that means people are definitively interested in the brand you are promoting. This is one of the go-to metrics you can rely on when you are trying to put together with.

When people put together SMRs, they should demonstrate ingenuity. You don't want to present the reader with a tiring, cumbersome document with little readability. Netbase is one of the premier companies currently helping people achieve goals through social media marketing. Netbase provides a comprehensive set of tools for clients who need to analyze their social media data. With Netbase, it is possible for clients to really see what kind of impact various branding efforts are having. Looking beyond the social media report, Netbase gathers and analyzes a lot more than just social media customer data. With Netbase, it is possible to have a more comprehensive picture of who your customers are and what they like. Although a number of companies offer services in this area, few of them are as comprehensive or holistic as Netbase.

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