Smart ways your brand should listen on social media

Smart ways your brand should listen on social media

Today, enormous amounts of data get shared online almost every day, every second in every corner of the world.

And social media has an important role to play as well! Nearly every hour, there are millions of Facebook and Instagram posts shared and tweets written on Twitter. And this makes it possible for people to search for various data that can get accessed from social media networking. Furthermore, it is tough to manage this data on social media.

Often termed as “information overload” or “content shock” this barrage of information is making it very tricky for the new age brands to make their voice heard on any platform today. And this large data is making it critical for companies to make the most of the customer information that is readily available today as well. Today, media intelligence makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in addition to machine learning technologies to collect and evaluate online social media and editorial content. And this content gets extrapolated from a mix of various resources like news and digital media, blogs, broadcast and print media as well as social media.

Today, with minimal creativity and efforts, the modern-day brands can do much more than managing their brand names. Brands have more to do than simply sorting out the mentions using various social media listening tools for improving product development, public relations, customer support as well as content marketing. And for that, they can reach out for professional assistance as well. You can browse through Digital Marketing Empires to know more on this.

Do you want to leverage social media listening to your brand’s advantage? If yes, here are four smart ways to opt-in for it:

Detect the pain points and resolve it

One of the significant tasks of social media listening is to select and trace specific keywords that are significant to your industry vertical and business. So, go ahead and keep track of your own brand's name, the slogan you carry, the hashtags you have used, the current campaign you are engaged in as well as the event names that you've decided to sponsor. After that, narrow it down to the data scope, geographic location, language, and any other important aspects that you deem fit to track.

Do you want to locate the pain points? If yes, go ahead and make use of another market player’s or competitor’s name as the keyword, trace it on social media. The moment you have recognized the concerned area, get in touch with the person who shared that view and share with your new potential customer the way you can resolve the issue at hand. Always make it a point to provide a link to a demo as well as the contact details.

You must join in the conversation

It is essential to know the discussion that is around your industry and business. For this, you have to brainstorm a few of the relevant product and industry related terms that the consumers could be making use of concerning your business. You can trace all these terms in the comment sections, various forums as well as other social groups.

It's essential to simply join the conversation to know more about the experiences and expectations that people have! If you at all need to provide a talking point, by all means, reach out to your customers and inform them about your business and the way you can help them. Also, be very real in all your customer interactions.

Enhance the customer service

When you use a potent social media listening tool, you can identify both the negative and the positive feedback instantly. You can also have access to real-time alerts. You can monitor the brand name and the wrong spellings that got used along with the website domain. It will provide you with the scope to find out and emphasize the positive comments as well as respond to unsatisfied consumers. This way you can eliminate problems even before it takes place.

Opt-in for product innovation and feedback

Social media listening can also assist you to understand the conversation concerning product updates, ideas and features. And as you monitor the brand name, if you come across a critical product issue pointed by someone, make sure you escalate the same and assign it to your dedicated development team. The objective is to remedy the problem at the earliest before other people starts to talk about it. And based on your business size, you need to figure out the way you would want to respond to your customers directly using emails. It would help to nurture authenticity, trustworthiness, and transparency.

Social media networking and interactions today have become the order of the day! It is essential to leverage it in a way so that your brand benefits and can make a mark using the social media data. To make a start, you can refer to the ways discovered above and witness the difference it makes to your brand development strategy.

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Thomas Sujain

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