Signs that Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Signs that Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Knowing some early signs of identity theft, you can easily keep yourself from bigger issues. In this article, we have reviewed some of these signs that help you understand your identity has been compromised.

With increasing numbers of cyber-attacks, identity theft is the next big issue users are facing these days. The surge in identity theft attempts has risen exponentially in recent times where cybercriminals are leaving no stone unturned to virtually attack users to steal their identity. Once stolen, cybercriminals use identity traces of common users to make illegal purchases, apply for loans, apply for medical claims, and use it illegally in multiple ways. With increasing identity theft attempts, users are now also taking it seriously and taking all preventive measures to keep their personally identifiable data safe. In addition to following some basic steps to prevent identity theft, they also rely on best identity theft protection services for enhanced security. In this article, we have discussed what are the common signs that tell you your identity has been stolen and how you can deal with it.

Signs that your identity has been compromised

  • Unauthorized Transactions: One of the primary signs of identity theft is that you will find unauthorized transactions in your name. Here, you may find medical claim has been reimbursed in your name which you didn’t apply, unauthorized credit card transactions, transactions in a bank, information where your social security number has been misused, etc. You may even get bills for things or services which you didn’t buy or applied for. If you find such unauthorized transactions, then the first thing you should do is to contact these authorities to stop these transactions.
  • Not receiving bills on time: If your bill has been delayed unexpectedly then there are chances that cybercriminals have taken over your account and changed your billing address. Here, you can check it online or contact to concerned authorities to verify if there is no change in correspondence address. If you find the address has been tweaked, then you should act promptly to get the address right.
  • You’re rejected for credit: If banks or lending agencies have declined your credit request over the grounds of credit issues, then there are chances criminals have misused your identity documents. While the chances are high that your identity has been compromised, it’s better should instantly apply for credit reports to see the changes and apply for corrective measures.
  • Changes in credit score: If you find steep changes in credit score unexpectedly, then it is possible that your identity has been compromised. Here, it is possible that criminals have applied for multiple services in your name illegally including credit facilities and that is causing the changes in credit scores. To avoid such a situation, we suggest you should monitor your credit score and credit report on regular intervals to keep a tab on all transactions. It will not only help you understand changes in credit score, but you can also apply for corrective measures when needed.
  • Other possible signs: While there are numerous other signs that tell you your identity has been compromised primary signs include: surge in notifications for bank & credit card transactions, unexpected charges in credit card statement, you get two-factor authentication alerts unnecessarily, you receive a tax refund you didn’t request, you are not able to file tax return electronically, you receive a tax transcript you didn’t request, you get calls from debtors, medical providers bill you for services you didn’t use, your medical claim has been rejected for no reasons, and more. If you have recently experienced any of these conditions, then you should be alerted towards the possible identity theft.

Has your identity been stolen?

The best way to keep identity safe

  • Use best identity theft protection software: One of the easiest & safest ways to keep your identity intact is to use best identity theft prevention software to keep your valuable data safe. You can use these simple yet powerful tools to protect yourself from identity theft in an effortless manner. During the process, these tools scan your system storage to find all identity traces and help you keep them safe in encrypted & password protected vault. One such tool is Advanced Identity Protector that works on advanced algorithms and smart techniques to help you keep all your personally identifiable information safe in a secured manner.


The best way to stay protected against identity theft is to stay alert. Here, you should monitor your credit score and credit reports on regular intervals to see unexpected changes. If you find these changes here, you can immediately take the preventive measures. Furthermore, using best identity theft protection services is another effective measure you can follow to keep your identity intact.

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